Episode Guide - Umbrella, The (Series) (1966)

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Apr 24, 1966 - William Ronald interviews Marcel Duchamp. There is also an examination of "Boite en valise", a miniature display of reproductions of many important Duchamp works, designed to fit into a small suitcase.

Jun 5, 1966 - A portrait-interview of Michael Langham, director of the Stratford Ontario Festival.

Jun 26, 1966 - One of Canada's outstanding stage and TV actors, William Hutt, is interviewed by Timothy Findley.

Nov 13, 1966 - 1. Mosholu. A film fantasy set in Mosholu Park, an oasis of greenery in the heart of the Bronx, Prepared for The Umbrella by Mike and George Kuchar, members of a new group of New York filmmakers, who have been in the news lately because of the controversial, and sometimes erotic, quality of their work. They are interviewed by Canadian painter William Ronald. Both Ronald and his wife are seen in the film. 2. A panel on the University Arts Festival.

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