Tween Set (Series) (1965-1969)

Tween Set was a CBC program of chat and games for viewers age ten to twelve. It was hosted by Adele Sternthal, with students Barbara Berman of St. George's School and Geoff Heppleston of Lower Canada College. The discussions sometimes concerned more grown-up subjects than might previously have arisen in shows for children, such as privacy in the modern world or capital punishment.

Adele Sternthal....Host
Barbara Berman
Geoff Heppleston

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user tween13, December 26, 2013
Looks like a lot of us hosted the show and are looking for archival material. I hosted (if memory serves) about 5 times (more?) roughly 1970-71, before moving to Toronto.
It's a great memory.
Like everyone else here- looking for archival material. Any ideas, please share.
byClick here to see the profile of this user pdesorm, December 6, 2012
Sorry for the last note, It must have been between 68-69 that I was the host.
byClick here to see the profile of this user pdesorm, December 6, 2012
Hey there,
I was one of the hosts of this program for 2 seasons around 1973-4... roughly. I watched myself a few times and was TOALLY embarrased at my hosting skills. Any one know where to get copies?
was a quiz portion contestant in '68:

The reigning champ had been on for 6 weeks and was one of those irritating little shits who was already full of himself at the tender age of 12. On set before the show start, he was talking about questions that strangely showed up in the actual show - I remember thinking "even the CBC is crooked".
byClick here to see the profile of this user Lester, September 6, 2009
My brother and I were both contestants on the Quiz portion of Tween set in 1966-1967 (we were only on one show each). I attempted to obtain copies of the shows from the Archives in Ottawa after I was told several tapes had been found. However, I was unable to obtain a machine to view the tapes and had to leave them with one of the staff to view them for me. It was a huge disappointment not to go through the microfiche myself but it was a long drive and I only had one afternoon for this task. I would love to know how to obtain copies of Tween Set if there are, in fact, copies out there somewhere other than the Archives in Ottawa. Any information would be a great help!
In seventh grade, around 1968-69, I hosted the show for 5 weeks, with Alison Hillman. I was also on the quiz section for 6 weeks. What I remember was that the scripts were on green paper. They were written as if we were happy, perfect, sweet older children and it was embarassing to say the lines
"Gee, Alison, that sure was a neat report about cod fishing in Corner Brook!"
I also remember that I had to joing ACTRA and pay dues and in exchange, I got $55 a week for hosting.
Any chance there are tapes of other shows i some warehouse?

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