Turkey Television (Series) (1985-1987)

Turkey Television
Turkey Television, a sketch comedy for youth, was ordered by Nickelodeon as a result of the popularity of You Can't Do That On Television. Turkey Television was taped in Ontario as well as New York and Kentucky. Turkey Television also had at its disposal an archive of comedy material (such as very old comedy movies as well as some of Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon's first stand up routines). The sketches being produced with the Turkey Performers along with this archive footage was put together in a unique way.

With a video camera, "Thurman T. Turkey", an animated turkey, would tour the world filming television shows being seen in other countries and then would return to Hollywood with short sketches from these various shows.

Kevin Kubusheskie....Vance Vain
Les Lye....Gramps
Christine McGlade....Katie
Adam Reid....Boy
Anthony Stechyson....Various roles
Jim Thurman....Thurman T. Turkey
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