Truth about Alex, The (TV Movie) (1986)

Truth about Alex, The
This 1986 Canadian-made movie for HBO tackles the subject of homosexuality in a high-school setting. Brad Stevens, the West Point-bound son of an Army major, spends his time at football practice and hanging out with his best friend, Alex Prager, who's an accomplished pianist as well as an athlete. When Alex spurns a truck driver who comes onto him in a service-station rest room, a scuffle ensues, and the guy claims that it was Alex who hit on him. The story gets out around school, but Alex doesn't deny it; he confesses to Brad that he actually is gay. Although Brad's initial reaction is shock and outrage, he slowly realizes that Brad is the same wonderful friend he's always been. Such loyalty doesn't sit well with Kay, Brad's status-conscious girlfriend, or with his stern father. Things come to a head the night of the football team's championship game, when the rift between Brad and the rest of the student body threatens the school's chance at going undefeated for the third year running.

Scott Baio....Brad Stevens
Peter Spence....Alex Prager
Jessica Steen....Kay
Ivan Beaulieu....Billy
Tim Birda....Bartender
Donald Burda....Robin
J. Winston Carroll....Coach
Barry Greene....Truck Driver
Elva Mai Hoover....Mrs. Prager
Polli Magaro....Marsha
Peter Millard....Sheriff
Jeremy Ratchford....Dutch
Michael J. Reynolds....Major Stevens
Kelly Rowan....Ellie Sanders
Robin Ward....Mr. Prager
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