True North, The (Series) (1967)

Commemorating the Centennial year, this CBC series of 11 half-hour programs examined the arctic regions and the interactions of native and white people and people and nature. It opened with Land Before Time, M. Charles Cohen's dramatization of four native legends that told how the raven created the world, the origins of the sun and the moon and of thunder and lightning, and the birth of a demon. Subsequent programs were documentaries. They described such subjects as the traditional customs and means of survival for the innuit; the effects of white explorers on the northern natives; the uses of animal in the north; the impact of the Hudson's Bay Company on the people of the arctic; and the contemporary innuit. Two programs concentrated on the Northwest Territories and on the Yukon in 1967, and the final shows in the series examined the effects of advanced technology on the north and speculated on the future prospects for the region.

Peter Elkington....Narrator

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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