Treasure Island (Series) (1969)

Treasure Island
A serialized adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure story, filmed in colour, this series was produced by Franco London Film in cooperation with the CBC. It was shot entirely in Corsica and featured French, British, and Canadian actors.

Michael Ande....Jim Hawkins
Ivor Dean....Long John Silver
Georges Riquier....Doctor Livesay
Jacques Godin....Israel Hands
Jacques Dacqmine .... Squire John Trelawney
Jacques Monod .... Captain Alexander Smollet
Dante Maggio .... Bill Bones
Ilsemarie Schnering .... Mrs. Hawkins
Jean Mauvais .... Blind Pew
Jean Saudray .... Ben Gunn
Sylvain Lévignac .... Black Dog
François Darbon .... Marc Hawkins
Leroy Haynes .... Abraham Gray
Lucien Hubert .... Redruth
Dominique Maurin

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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