Treacherous Beauties (TV Movie) (1994)

Aka: Les armes de la passion (French title)

Treacherous Beauties
Adapted from the Cheryl Emerson Harlequin romance, this thriller finds beautiful photographer Emma Samms distraught and just a bit suspicious following the news that her brother has been murdered. Determined to do what the police aren't (finding the killer), Samms journeys to her brother's last place of employment--a stable run by the rich and powerful Hollister family. Hiding her true identity, she intends to investigate her brother's death--though she doesn't plan on falling under the spell of the stable's charming owner (Bruce Greenwood), who may just be one of her prime suspects.

Emma Samms....Anne Marie Kerr
Bruce Greenwood....Jason Hollister
Catherine Oxenberg....Simone Hollister
Tippi Hedren....Lettie Hollister
Mark Humphrey....Brent Hollister
Ron White....Matt
Rachael Crawford....Lois Parsons
Ian D. Clark....Barry
Krista Bridges....Tiffany
Paul Rutledge....Alan Kerr
Alejandro Pereira....Paco
Michael A. Miranda....Pilot
Matt Cooke....RCMP Officer
Edith Tankus....Salesgirl
Tom Harvey....Alf Popidge
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