Town Above, The (Series) (1959-1961)

Aka: En haut de la pente douce (French title)

Town Above, The
Roger Lemelin, who in 1944 had written about Lower Town Quebec in his novel The Town Below, turned his attention to Upper Town for this series, which followed the success of his first television series for the French and English services of the CBC. He left behind most of the characters in The Plouffe Family when he moved uptown to describe the life of another family, the upper middle class Chevaliers. The father, Fred Chevalier, was an accountant, who had moved up from his Lower Town origins to the bourgeois suburb of Sillery. He and his wife, Pauline, lived there with their three teenage children, Denis, Diane, and Pierre. Denis, who aspired to study medicine at university, shared the secret of his father's salary and the fact that the family was living beyond its means. Typically, in the tradition of situation comedies and family dramas, the blame for overspending was placed at the feet of the women in the story, as Pauline and Diane tried to keep up the status and appearances of the family in comparison with their wealthier neighbours. The other son, Pierre, was the outsider of the family, a gang member flirting with outlaw status.

Richard Daignault translated Lemelin's scripts for the English version, and Jean Dumas returned as producer for the series, which ran as a sustaining broadcast for thirty-five weeks from 1959-1960.

Dans cette série de Roger Lemelin on retrouve, en plus des personnages de la famille Plouffe, ceux de la famille Chevalier qui vivent «en haut de la pente douce», au coeur de la ville de Québec.

De 1959 et 1961, Radio-Canada présente 76 épisodes de la série «En haut de la pente douce». Réalisé par Jean Dumas et Guy Leduc, ce téléroman met notamment en vedette Amanda Alarie, Roland Chenail, Louis Turenne et Yvon Thiboutot.

Roland Chenail....Fred Chevalier
Denise Pelletier....Pauline Chevalier
Louis Turenne....Denis Chevalier
Catherine Begin....Diane Chevalier
Doris Lussier....Père Gédéon
Roland Bedard....Onsime Menard
Amanda Alarie
Yvon Thiboutot

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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