Tommy Tompkins' Wildlife Country (Series) (1970-1971)

Aka: Tommy Tompkins - Bushman

Tommy Tompkins' Wildlife Country was a series of 13 half-hour films which documented the travels of outdoors expert and conservationist Tommy Tompkins. The series aired in early 1971, following the success of the single, special broadcast, Tommy Tompkins - Bushman, which was broadcast in 1970. The programs concerned animal life in remote reaches of British Columbia and the North, but also outlined Tompkins's own methods of survival and travel through the wilderness. The series reproduced his own expeditions- he spent the spring and summer in the bush, alone- as he embarked without a film crew, but in many cases acted as his own wildlife cinematographer for the series.

Tommy Tompkins

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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I would love to rate this series ... I remember watching it as a teen ... however, after going through the gears of registering for this site, there is nothing show up when I click on the link for the program. Am I doing something wrong, or are only the people who " donate " to the site able to view the programs ??

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