Tommy Hunter Show, The (Series) (1965-1992)

Aka: Tommy Hunter Country

Tommy Hunter Show, The
Over its 27-year run on CBC, The Tommy Hunter Show was noted for nurturing Canadian country music, which it showcased alongside big-name American country stars. Hunter wanted to break with the hokey, country-hick feel characterized by shows like Hee Haw, though, and tried to present country music as "respectable". The result was a program that some labelled a country version of Lawrence Welk's show. Hunter felt that the host should have a relaxed, comfortable style, establishing a certain rapport with the audience. By sticking to his country purist approach, he was able to establish such a rapport, building up an intensely loyal fan base.

Tommy Hunter....Host
Donna Ramsey .... Regular (1976-?)
Roy Smith .... Regular (1976-?)
Mike Ferbey
Mark Wald
Jack Jensen
Al Cherny
Bert Niosi
Pat Hervey
Jim Pirie
Maurice Bolyer
Debbie Lori Kaye
Leroy Anderson
Red Shea
Allan Sisters

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user cambull52, November 6, 2011
I really loved the Tommy Hunter show And I loved Donna Ramsey.I am from the Sault Ste.Marie area.I used to listen to Don Ramsey on the radio and he had a song that I really loved.It was Come home its suppertime.I wish I could find that song.I remember every day at 5pm it was on the radio.I would like some info on that song if anyone knows were to find it.I miss the Tommy Hunter Show it was great entertainment.
When I moved to the USA back in the 1970's, much to my dismay, I learned there is no show quite like Tommy Hunter down here. What a shame! (The closest the Americans had to a quality national family program was Ed Sullivan. But Ed didn't play the guitar!)
I would love to aquire some early TH DVD's, if I could find them.
Ah, this show brings back so many wonderful memories of when I was a teenager. I am from Northern Ontario, and back then, we could only get 2 channels on TV. One of those channels had The Tommy Hunter Show on every Friday night. My parents and I ALWAYS watched it, and it was a good time. Both parents are gone now, but I have wonderful memories of watching this show with them. My Dad sang, and played guitar. He was a lot like Tommy Hunter in his music and ways. I always liked how the closeness of his show brought my Mom and Dad and I together.
Wonderful memories here.
byNicole Izairovich, January 18, 2008
It would be great to be able to purchase dvds of some of the early shows. Many of us still remember Friday nights and all that great music. Miss it dearly!
byElaine Krahn, July 10, 2007
I miss the show I'm a fan.
I think that it would be nice to see reruns,
To see a very good FAMILY show on t.v or buy the Seasons on DVD.
You know these days you can get almost any show on DVD, I would love to make Four Generation's to watch this wonderful Show.

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