Tom Green Show, The (Series) (1994-1999)

Tom Green Show, The
Tom Green originally had a show on Ottawa's Rogers Cable back in 1994. The Rogers show ended its run in 1996 after 50 one-hour episodes. (Highlights from these shows were edited together, and made "best of" episodes that aired on Toronto's Rogers Cable from 1997-1998)

Shortly after the program ended it's local production in Ottawa in 1996, a pilot was shot and aired in October of that year on CBC. The series was not picked up.

A year later The Comedy Network did pick it up. Running for 2 highly successful years, it developed a huge cult following in Canada. In 1999, the show moved to the United States and aired on MTV until its cancellation in 2000.

Tom Green....Host
Glenn Humplik....Co-host
Derek Harvie
Phil Giroux

Original Broadcaster(s): ROGERS, CBC, COMEDY

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