Today's Special: Live on Stage (Special) (1981)

In this special presentation, Jodie, Muffy and Sam are getting ready to go to the theatre for their live performance. But because Jeff's magic hat won't work outside the store, he can't go. But does that stop him? Oh no, not this time. He decides to take a chance and hides himself in the costume box before it's loaded on the truck and sent to the theatre. When they arrive, Muffy is late. But Jodie and Sam can't keep the audience waiting, So they go on without her. Will Muffy show up?, and what about Jeff? When the box arrives at the theatre, Jeff is a mannequin and the magic won't work. Looks like Jeff's only hope is Waldo the Magnificent, the only one who can save him - hopefully.

Jeff Hyslop....Jeff
Barry Baldaro....Waldo the Magnifficent
Bob Derman....Sam Crenshaw (voice)
Robyn Hayle....Txl Series #4 (voice)
Janelle Hutchison....Lisa the Stage Manager
Nina Keogh....Muffy (voice)
Bob Stutt....Mort (voice)
Nikki Tilroe....Mime Lady/Magic Dragon/Wanda Willoby/Hazel the Butterfly/Envelope/Emily the Blue Cow
Nerene Virgin....Jodie
Cheryl Wagner....Mrs. Pennypacker (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): TVO

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