Today's Special (Series) (1981-1987)

Today's Special
Each night in a major city, Sam the Security Guard locks the closed department store and joins Jodie in the Children's department as she brings a special mannequin with her even as she prepares to work on a display for the next day. With some magic words, the magic hat it wears brings it to life and becomes Jeff. Together with Muffy the Mouse, this gang learn about various things to teach younger viewer, both by the themselves and with visitors to the store.

Jeff Hyslop....Jeff
Nerene Virgin....Jodie
Nina Keogh....Muffy the Mouse (voice)
Bob Dermer....Sam Crenshaw (voice)
Robyn Hayle....TXL Series 4 Computer (voice)
Cheryl Wagner....Mrs. Pennypacker (voice)
Bob Stutt....Mort (voice)
Nikki Tilroe....Mime
Barry Baldaro....Waldo the Magnificent

Original Broadcaster(s): TVO

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I absolutely love this show! I still have some episodes on VHS. I would love for this to be available for my children one day. I wish TVO would do something to rebroadcast and/or put this wonderful show on DVD. I mean, every other show I can think of is out there in some fashion at least in part. TS though seems to be in "oblivion". It is definitely just as good as anything Jim Henson has done. There is no reason not to put it out for people today.

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