To Tell the Truth (Series) (1962-1964)

To Tell the Truth
To Tell The Truth debuted on CTV on March 26, 1962. It was a debut with a difference, for this entertaining half-hour program (created by the phenomenally successful team of Goodson-Todman) had been delighting U.S. audiences for years in its original version.

Each week a panel of Bob Hall (Monty's brother), Stan Helleur, Toby Tarnow and Dorothy Cameron tried to discover the real "Mr. X," picking him from the two impostors appearing with him.

Starting the fall of 1963, Dorothy Cameron was no longer a regular panelist. A different guest star each week made up the fourth member of the panel.

To Tell The Truth lost its night slot in the fall of 1964. However, continued to be seen in a daytime version on many stations beginning in September.

Don Cameron .... Host
Norman Kihl .... Announcer
Dorothy Cameron .... Panelist
Stan Helleur .... Panelist
Toby Tarnow .... Panelist
Bob Hall .... Panelist

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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