To Catch a Yeti (TV Movie) (1995)

To Catch a Yeti
Hunter Big Jake finds the fabled Himalayan Yeti -- the Big Foot of legend. But what he really finds is a cuddly, furry animal the size of a large teddy bear -- with enormous feet! And when Jake brings the Yeti to New York it becomes the pet of a spoiled son of a multi-millionaire. Only a little girl named Amy can set the poor Yeti free.

Meat Loaf....Big Jake Grizzly
Chantellese Kent....Amy
Jim Gordon....Dave Bristow
Richard Howland....Blubber
Leigh Lewis....Kate Bristow
Jeff Moser....Wesley Sturgeon
Michael Panton....Arnold Sturgeon
Mike Panton....Arnold Sturgeon
Mona Matteo....Angelica Sturgeon
Joan....Ria Franchuk
Reginald Doresa....Butler
Andreas M. Haralampides....Pilot
David Walberg....Truck Driver
Rob Rutter....Security Guard
Audrey Barraclouth....Bag Lady
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