To Catch a Killer (Miniseries) (1992)

To Catch a Killer
The spine-chilling true story of the cat-and-mouse pursuit of America's most diabolical serial killer. Brian Dennehy stars in this riveting, true-life story of a young detective's (Michael Riley) relentless pursuit of the sophisticated, psychopathic mass murderer John Wayne Gacy. A suspense-packed tour de force of intrigue and terror--all the more shocking because it's true.

Brian Dennehy....John Wayne Gacy
Michael Riley....Lieutenant Joseph 'Joe/Polock' Kozenczak
Margot Kidder....Rachel Grayson
Meg Foster....City Attorney Linda Carlson
Martin Julien....Theodore 'Ted' Koslo
Scott Hylands....Delta Squad Sergeant Mike Paxton
David Eisner....Detective Terry Williams
John Boylan....Detective Gary Atkins
Tony De Santis....Delta Squad Detective Craig DeMarco
Mark Humphrey....Delta Squad Detective King
Gary Reineke....Delta Squad Detective Leonard 'Lenny' Petrie
Tim Progosh....Delta Squad Detective Jack Morris
Danny Pawlick....Patrolman Tony Santori
Bruce Ramsay....Forensic Officer Edward 'Ed' Bragg
Brenda Bazinet....Alice Pearson
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