Titans (Series) (1981-1982)

Patrick Watson's famous interview subjects in the Titans series offered candid comments on their professional and personal lives. A more elaborate and dramatic version of Watson's old "Witness to Yesterday" series, this program opened with Napolean (played by veteran actor David Calderisi) who talked about his ruthless ambition and his unfaithful wife, Josephine. The series was shot inside an extravagantly furnished mansion, in Toronto's Rosedale section, and that luxurious setting was more than just decoration. Louis B. Mayer (played by Al Waxman) admired the fireplace and fixed drinks at the bar. Stephen Leacock (novelist W.O. Mitchell) chalked a pool cue made out of a yardstick and expertly shot a volume of Dickens across a polished table top, Galileo (Chris Wiggins) complained of his hernia and, being blind, stumbled into the study. In Titans, Watson not only played himself, but he also, through some video magic, played the role of Alexander Graham Bell.

Patrick Watson .... Host/Interviewer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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