Tiny Talent Time (Series) (1957-1992; 2000-2001)

Aka: Today's Talent Time

Tiny Talent Time
Tiny Talent Time was a long-running and hugely successful television program on CHCH television, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. For almost four decades (1957 to 1992) the talent and variety program showcased the talents of local children in an entertaining family genre. The show was marked by a characteristically home-spun style and had great appeal to many different age groups. Indeed, many participants in the original show have enjoyed illustrious careers as performers around the world.

The original Tiny Talent Time was aired in a half-hour format and was hosted by notable Canadian performer Bill Lawrence. During the program, Mr. Lawrence engaged in casual, light-hearted banter with the performers before and after each act. The questions usually revolved around a child's school, home life, family and likes and dislikes.

Tiny Talent Time was revived in the fall of 2000 under the title "Today's Talent Time."

Bill Lawrence....Host "Uncle Bill"
Sandie Savelli....Host (2000-2001)
Mike Gravina....Host (2000-2001)

Original Broadcaster(s): CHCH

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I was on Tiny Talent Time between 1973/74. I have always wanted to get a copy of my episode. If anyone has any information on how I can obtain this I would great appreciate it. Please let me know @ belindaspanyi@yahoo.ca
WOW, my borther was on this show in 1977. He is the father of three and a Principal for many more children. How can we get old versions of the show? I would love to show his children. My brother was the Michael Jackson of the 70's
great work....cheers
byClick here to see the profile of this user schunik, August 26, 2011
My dad was on this show when he was young. He passed away last year and I'm interested to see if theres any way possible that his appearance on the show is available to me somehow. Please, if there is a way for me to get a hold of that episode that would make ALOT of people for happy. Please email me at lexc_@live.com if this is possible or even if its not. Thank you.
I wish they would air Tiny Talent time again. If they did a new version of the show now, it would probably surpass Glee, American Idol or any other music talent shows that air today!
I was on the Tiny Talent Time show back in 1967. I was wondering if anyone has actually had any success in getting a copy of their episode?

Please contact me a trumolo@hotmail.com with any info on how to go about getting a copy.

Please and thank you,
byClick here to see the profile of this user kih39358, January 30, 2010
This particular talent show was outstanding in its camerawork. IN contrast, another talent show at the same time would show a tap dancer's face when she was tap dancing, and give very unequal airtime to each member of a performing party. CHCH had strong, steady camerawork, just like the act was studied in advance by the camera crew.
byClick here to see the profile of this user vcaracciolo, January 24, 2010
how could i get a copy of an old episode from 1978 on tiny talent time. my wife was on it and im trying to surprise her
byClick here to see the profile of this user billie, January 20, 2010
I was on Tiny Talent Time in the early 70's. I did ballet. I was wondering how I could get a copy of that. My name back then was Belinda (Billie) Storin.
byClick here to see the profile of this user Bannana, August 21, 2009
I was on ttt. in the early 70's and would love to see episode,how would I go about looking in to this?
byClick here to see the profile of this user sunflower, May 11, 2009
I was on Tiny Talent time I believe in 1965. My talent was singing. It was an awesome experience. Many have asked where could they get a copy of the show. I have a scratchy recording on an LP but would love to capture and share the memory. Please share any information:)
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