Time Out For Adventure (Series) (1963-1968)

Aka: Time for Adventure

Time Out For Adventure was a series of weekly hour-long children's programs. The series consisted of action and adventure films from Britain, specifically designed to attract younger viewers. Each week's program was introduced by Michele Finney. The films shown on Time Out for Adventure were provided by the Children's Film Foundation of Great Britain, and were originally produced for showing on children's matinee programs in British movie theatres. Shot on location in many different parts of the world, they include the fields of comedy, fantasy, drama, suspense and documentary films.

The series included a Canadian segment titled It's in the Bag. After one season, the series title was abbreviated to Time For Adventure.

Michele Finney....Host (1963-1964)
Bob Willson....Host (1966-1968)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user Dax, August 14, 2015
Jan - you are correct - the show opened with the bicycle, trunk etc and 'Take 5' and also ended with the closing of the trunk riding off on the bicycle again to 'Take 5.' I remember it well because I loved the song and it was in 1964 I began playing drums and it was a about 2 years later I struggled to play that tune. I played professionally for much of my life and now teach students how to play that song.
byJan Christiansen, June 23, 2007
My recollection is that the theme music for this program was Dave Brubeck's Take 5 and that the episodes would start with a kid riding on a bicycle and then going up into an attic and opening a trunk. Am I remembering this correctly or just confabulating pieces of other shows from my long ago childhood?

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