Time of Your Life (Series) (1988-1989)

Aka: Campus

Time of Your Life was an independently-produced drama series aimed at a teenage audience and scheduled at 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday on CTV. A french version also aired in Quebec under the title "Campus".

Musical Director: Paul Hoffert
Choreographer: Brian Foley
Co-producers: Sandy Stewart and Bill Davidson

Scott William Armstrong....James
Ara Carrera....Christine
Jason Cavalier....Mickey
Kara Feiter....Lisa
Des Gallant....Even
David Lipper....Kevin
Françoise Robertson....Laura
Jason Cavalier Leboeuf ... Mickey
Alan Legros ... Eddie
Richard Raybourne ... Matt
Hélène Mondoux....French voiceover (Laura)
Geneviève De Rocray....French voiceover (Lisa)
Pierre Auger....French voiceover (James)
Sébastien Dhavernas....French voiceover (Mickey)
Johanne Léveillé....French voiceover (Christine)
Antoine Durand....French voiceover (Kevin)
Benoit Rousseau....French voiceover (Evan)
Hélène Lasnier....French voiceover (Helen)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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I just created a Time of Your Life Campus entry so I don't mind the other (TOYL canadian tv version but I was an original cast member so I have the facts of what it was from pre audition May 1988 to broadcast Oct 18 wed 1988! Lol could we merge?I am honoured some people care out there peace n love! I also created a TOYL face book page






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