Time of Your Life (Series) (1963-1965)

Aka: Youth Concert

Time of Your Life was a CBC-TV children's series which included films, original drama, music, dance, and comedy. The first season also included four Youth Concerts hosted by composer Harry Somers.

Beginning in the second season, host Peter Kastner presided over the hour-long sessions at The Place, where kids had fun doing things: they danced, sang, discussed themselves and the world around them, presented plays and satirical sketches, and they had the time of their lives doing it. Every second week, specially written plays and a selection of films were featured.

In the third season, Michele Finney joined the show as co-host and teenage ventriloquist Carolyn Blythe and her puppet, Sandy became regulars. 13 half-hour dramas were included in the schedule, and the area of comedy-adventure for 12-year-olds was abandoned. The dramas were interspersed regularly through the season, with the other half-hours consisting of variety — songs, dances, satirical sketches — and occasional documentary items, visits to interesting places and interviews with famous guests.

Peter Kastner....Host
Michele Finney....Co-Host (1964-65)
Harry Somers....Host (Youth Concerts, 1963)
George Allen
Ray Bellew
Joanne Brooks
Susan Conway
Paul Fitzgerald
Marilou Green
Rena Jackson
Wendi Gladstone
Wayne Murphy
Mira Pawluk
Wayne Thompson
Brian Foley
Sheri-Lee Hall
Carolyn Blythe

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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