Tidewater Tramp (Series) (1959-1962)

A half-hour dramatic series for young viewers, Tidewater Tramp originated at CBC Vancouver, and told stories of the Flying Kestrel, a tramp steamer that sailed the Inland Passage of British Columbia and up to the Alaska Panhandle to carry cargo to remote port settlements. The skipper was Captain Martin, a widower whose crew included his twelve year old daughter Gail and the young coast cadet Peter. Produced mostly in studio, the program also aimed for authenticity with exterior sequences shot on film from a B.C. freighter.

Robert William Chambers....Peter
Maureen Cook....Gail Martin
Edith Matheson Dean
Brendan Dillon
Ted Greenhalgh
Wally Marsh
Reg McReynolds....Captain Martin

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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