Through the Eyes of Tomorrow (Series) (1966-1969)

Aka: Eyes of Tomorrow

Through the Eyes of Tomorrow was a magazine show that included music, variety, and drama, as well as coverage of current affairs and social issues. Each program concentrated on a particular subject or area.

Paul Saltzman....Host (1966-1967)
Janet McQuillin....Host (1966)
Wilf Fournier....Host (1967)
Wayne Thompson....Host (1967)
Rex Hagon....Host (1967)
Jennifer Leak....Host (1967)
Sheri-Lee Hall....Host (1967)
Ann Wright....Host (1967)
Wayne Thompson....Host (1968)
Brant Frayne....Host (1968)
Carol Hunter....Host (1968)
Stephen Foster....Host (1969)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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