This Week (Series) (1966-1968)

This Week was a collaboration between the units that presented Newsmagazine and The Public Eye. Airing on the average once a month, the program comprised the reportage of the former program with the commentary and background of the latter. Subjects included the U.S. elections and labour dissent and its bearing on inflation in Canada.

The summer of 1968, This Week returned. Although the program had a different format and host, it still had ties with The Public Eye. Essentially an interview program, This Week concentrated on such subjects as the Miami convention of the U.S. Republican Party and the violent Chicago convention of the Democrats; the growing liberalism and its ultimate suppression in Czechoslovakia; and the national leader of the New Democratic Party, David Lewis.

Warner Troyer....Co-Host (1966-67)
Knowlton Nash....Co-Host (1966-67)
Don Harron....Host (1968)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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