This Is the Law (Series) (1971-1976)

This Is the Law
This Is the Law started as a summer replacement, in 1971 and 1972, for Front Page Challenge, and proved popular enough to earn a prime time slot of its own in the 1972 season. A half-hour quiz show with an underlying educational premise, it asked panel members to spot the obscure statute that was violated in a filmed, wordless sketch.

Julie Amato....Panelist (1976)
Paul Bradley....Supporting Player
Valri Bromfield....Supporting Player
Bill Charlton....Panelist
Eric Clavering....Supporting Player
Trudy Desmond....Supporting Player
Susan Gay....Panelist (1971-1972)
Susan Keller....Panelist (1972-1975)
Madeline Kronby....Panelist (1971)
Robert McHeady....Supporting Player
Monica Parker....Supporting Player
Dini Petty....Panelist (1971)
Hart Pomerantz....Panelist
Paul Soles....The Lawbreaker (1971-1976)/Host (1971)
Larry Solway....Panelist (1971-1975)
Austin Willis....Host (1972-1976)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Always tried to see this show every week. The crime skits were hilarious, and the pains the panel went through to try and solve the unusual law broken were excellent. It highlighted real provincial laws which still existed when the shows aired.

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