This Hour Has Seven Days (Series) (1964-1966)

This Hour Has Seven Days
This Hour Has Seven Days was a controversial CBC Television newsmagazine. The show was created as an avenue for a more stimulating and boundary-pushing brand of television journalism. CBC executives believed the show went beyond the limits of journalistic ethics and cancelled the show, leading to allegations of political interference.

This Hour Has Seven Days is still considered one of the most important and influential productions ever aired by a Canadian television network, bringing new and innovative creative techniques into the mainstream of television journalism.

Carole Simpson....Singer (1964)
Dinah Christie
John Drainie....Co-Host (1964-1965)
Patrick Watson....Co-Host (1965-1966)
Laurier L. Lapierre....Co-host
Stan Daniels
Beryl Fox....Interviewer (1966)
Donald Brittain
Doug Leiterman
Allan King
Rich Little
Warner Troyer....Interviewer
Pierre Trudeau....Interviewer (1965)
Jack Webster....Interviewer
Larry Zolf....Interviewer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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