This Business of Farming (Series) (1966-1969)

CBC television, in cooperation with the Ontario Department of Agriculture and Food, produced several series of documentaries on the current state of farming. In 1966, the programs were Growing Feed for Livestock; Feeding Livestock; and Managing the Livestock Barriers. The 1967 programs were Soils and Good Soil Management; Farm Machinery and Management Today; and Family Farm Business Arrangements. The three programs in 1968 were The Fences Are Coming Down, on dairy farming, No Sacred Cows, on beef farming, and A Beats C, on practices in raising swine. From Field to Feed and Money Matters, in 1969, concerned the harvest, storage, and use of feed grain and farm money management, respectively. The 1969 series concluded with a report on the findings of the Ontario Farm Income Committee.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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