Things We See, The (Series) (1957)

The Things We See was the title of a popular series of small art volumes released by Penguin Books in 1947. Starting July 2, 1957, it also became the title of a new CBC television series. And appropriately so, for Alan Jarvis, editor of the series, was also the man behind the new television shows.

There were few significant differences between the telecasts and the books, first of all because they are for a Canadian audience, therefore covering almost exclusively Canadian material, and secondly, because they were beamed at a younger audience.

A point Mr. Jarvis wanted to make in the series is that artists are not exclusively concerned with creating "beauty" nor merely with painting something pretty; he showed some war art and other ugly paintings where the artist's preoccupation has been visual accuracy and honesty rather than decoration.

The Things We See was produced in Ottawa.

Alan Jarvis .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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