These Arms of Mine (Series) (1999-2000)

These Arms of Mine
Confident, outgoing Claire Monroe, once a singer with the shortlived '80s girl group The Queen Bees, is a popular Toronto radio deejay who has decidedly urban tastes. Her career is about to take off with a new talk show, she has a vibrant social life, and she enjoys a close relationship with her parents and longtime friends. But there’s a snag.

Claire is in love with photographer David Bishop, a divorced father who lives 3,000 miles away in Vancouver. They’ve reached the make it or break it point in their long distance relationship. One of them will have to move, or else. David won’t abandon his part-time custody of computer-savvy preteen daughter Sophie. It’s up to Claire to decide if love is worth the sacrifice of uprooting her life and leaving the cosmopolitan bustle of her hometown for a beautiful but laidback city where, to her way of thinking, not much happens — except rain. She’s about to opt to stay in Toronto when life throws her a curveball, with bittersweet ramifications.

Shauna MacDonald....Claire Monroe
Alex Carter....David Bishop
Stuart Margolin....Miles Rankin
Babs Chula....Esmé Price
Conrad Coates....Steven Armstrong
Byron Lawson....Amos Lee
Colleen Rennison....Sophie Bishop
Ryan Hirakida....Henry Lee
Evan Adams
Ben Derrick....Danny Finn
Colin Foo....Calligraphy Teacher
Jennifer Gibson....Make up artist
Max Martini....Randy
Laara Ong....Tina Lee
Denis Simpson....Denis Simpson
Chang Tseng....Jackie Lee
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