Theme and Variations (Series) (1981)

This CBC summer series, with the umbrella title Theme and Variations, brought together a variety of different types of productions. For example, one program combined Ingmar Bergman's film production of The Magic Flute with The Borodin Trio, John Thorne's production from CBC Vancouver, on an ensemble that specializes in modern Russian music. Another show concentrated on two Canadian women, and included Robert Duncan's NFB documentary, Margaret Laurence: First Lady of Manawaka, and the CBC adaptation of her story A Bird In The House, written by Patricia Watson and directed by Allan King, as well as a documentary on Mary Pickford. For a program on the theme of creation, the series combined Nancy Ryley's CBC documentary on Emily Carr and Songs of A Sourdough, a film on the life of Robert W. Service.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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