That's Show Biz (Special) (1970)

That's Show Biz
That's Show Biz was a one-hour comedy-variety special by Hart Pomerantz and Lorne Michaels spoofing the entertainment industry.

Running the gamut from movie cliches and trivia to television politicians, evangelists, cooks and hot seat interviewers, the special also looked at spy and costume dramas (Mission Ridiculous), incompetent folksingers and disc jockeys, the world of the circus and method acting.

The show featured sketches by many writers, with a large cast of comedy performers. Also appearing were: folksingers Seals and Croft who sang See My Life and Jekyll and Hyde; Luke and the Apostles; the Laurie Dower Singers; the Rob Iscove Dancers; and Guido Basso who conducted his 15-man big band.

Paul Bradley
Jean Christopher
Jayne Eastwood
Marvin Goldhar
George Greer
Keith Hampshire
Connie Martin
Lorne Michaels
Nicole Morin
Lorraine Pace
Earl Pomerantz
Hart Pomerantz
Allan Price
George Raymond
Carol Robinson
John Stocker
Alan Thicke
Kenneth Wells
Steve Weston

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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