Ten Thousand Day War, The (Series) (1980-1982)

Ten Thousand Day War, The
Seekers after pleasant escapism won't find it here, but those seeking substance will find something unique: Television's first documentary history of television's first war- the "living-room war" in Vietnam. Veteran foreign correspondent Michael Maclear created this series, which covers three decades of conflict: from 1945, when the battleground was known as French Indochina, to 1975, when Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese. Interviews with combat veterans provide the texture of jungle warfare, the clash of high technology against the tactics of guerrilla soldiers in black pajamas; interviews with politicians, diplomats and military strategists highlight the shifting motivations and priorities behind dramatic and subtle changes in America's 20 years in Vietnam.

Because of scheduling conflicts the CBC could air only 18 of the 26 half-hour programs

Richard Basehart....Narrator (voice)
Ellsworth Bunker....Himself (US Ambassador to South Vietnam)
Clark Clifford....Himself (Secretary of Defense)
William Colby....Himself (CIA Director)
David Dellinger....Himself (pacifist leader)
John Ehrlichman....Himself (Nixon's senior domestic aide)
Daniel Ellsberg....Himself
J. William Fulbright....Himself (also archive footage)
Doris Kearns Goodwin....Herself (biographer of LBJ)
Alexander Haig....Himself (Nixon's Chief of Staff)
David Harris....Himself (husband of Joan Baez)
Brian Jenkins....Himself (military analyst)
Robert Komer....Himself
Melvin Laird....Himself (Nixon's Secretary of Defense)
Henry Cabot Lodge....Himself (US Ambassador to South Vietnam)
Eugene McCarthy....Himself (presidential candidate) (also archive footage)
Jack McCloskey....Himself (veteran, USMC)
Tom McClure....Himself (veteran, US Army)
Van Thieu Nguyen....Himself (President of South Vietnam) (also archive footage)
Tim O'Brien....Himself (veteran, US Army)
Jerry Rubin....Himself (peace activist)
Dean Rusk....Himself (LBJ's Secretary of State) (also archive footage)
Arthur Schlesinger Jr.....Himself (Kennedy advisor)
Maxwell Taylor....Himself (US Ambassador to South Vietnam) (as Gen. Maxwell Taylor)
William C. Westmoreland....Himself (also archive footage)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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