Telepoll (Series) (1961-1965)

Aka: Tele-Poll

Telepoll was a weekly CTV program which reported news events then surveyed viewer opinion on major issues. As Telepoll's host, Royce Frith directed discussion by the panel of experts on the leading news events of the week. Following each segment of background information, questions were asked inviting viewers to form opinions on the matters in question. After each week's show, a Canadian opinion survey organization got in touch with pre-selected viewers across the country "to obtain a scientifically organized cross-section of public thinking." Results of the previous surveys were announced on each show (by Arnold Edinborough in the first season).

Royce Frith .... Host
Russ Thompson .... Announcer
Arnold Edinborough .... Analyst (1961-62)/Panelist
Pierre Berton .... Panelist
Kildare Dobbs .... Panelist
Frank Drea .... Panelist
Trent Frayne .... Panelist
Gordon Sinclair .... Panelist
Jack Webster .... Panelist

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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