Talking to a Stranger (Miniseries) (1971)

These 4 one-hour dramas were adapted by Doris Gauntlett from the scripts for a BBC series written by John Hopkins. The stories revolved around a middle class family, and each segment employed the perspective of one of the four members of the family. The first part concentrated on Terry, played by Martha Henry. About thirty years old, she is separated from her husband and pregnant. The second episode privileges her father, played by Budd Knapp, but ends with the suicide of the mother, played by Norma Renault. Part three concerns Alan, their son, played by Douglas Rain, and the reactions of the surviving members of the family to the death. The conclusion reprises the drama of the opening show, but from the perspective of the mother, to outline the events and perceptions that led to her desperate end.

Martha Henry....Terry
Budd Knapp....The Father
Douglas Rain....Alan
Norma Renault....The Mother

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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