Episode Guide - Talkabout (Series) (1988-1990)

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Celebrity Talkabout (incomplete list of episodes)

Jan 10, 1989 - Louis Del Grande and Martha Gibson ("Seeing Things") vs. Bruno Gerussi and Jackson Davies (The Beachcombers")

Jan 17, 1989 - Stu Jeffries and Samantha Taylor vs. Booth Savage and Janet-Laine Green.

Mar 21, 1989 - Jan Rubes and Susan Rubes vs. Dan Redican and Ralph Benmergui.

May 24, 1989 - Sonja Smits and Eric Peterson ("Street Legal") vs. Cathy Jones and Greg Malone ("CODCO").

May 31, 1989 - Andrew Cochrane and Stephen Coulson vs. David Kitching and Subana Merharchand ("What's New?").

Jul 4, 1989 - Melanie Miller and John Bayliss ("9B") vs. Donnelly Rhodes and Christopher Crabb ("Danger Bay").

Jul 11, 1989 - Chris Charlesworth and Stefan Brogren ("Degrassi Junior High") vs. Karen Campbell and Martin Cummins ("Pilot 1").

Jul 18, 1989 - Sylvia Tyson and Wayne Rostad vs. Rosemary Dunsmore and Peter Dvorsky.

Jul 25, 1989 - Brian Williams and Michelle Cameron vs. Martha Burns and Gordon Clapp.

Aug 8, 1989 - Joe Flaherty and Monica Parker vs. Gordon Pinsent and Barry Kennedy.

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