Talkabout (Series) (1988-1990)

Aka: Celebrity Talkabout; Talk About;

Talkabout was a half-hour game show from Vancouver which debuted on CBC on October 21, 1988.

The show had two pairs of contestants. Each player had 20 seconds to recite everything he or she could about a selected subject. There were 10 hidden clue words related to each subject and the team racked up points depending on how many of those words they mention during their spiel. The opposing team, wearing headphones during the opening round, then has to guess the subject based on the clue words the first team did not uncover. Bonus rounds were played out by the winning teams for larger prizes.

The home audience was given answers for part of the show, but left in the dark at other points so that they could play along with on-air contestants.

On January 10, 1989, a spin-off series called Celebrity Talkabout debuted. Celebrity contestants included stars like Al Waxman, Bruno Gerussi, Louis Del Grande, plus cast members from Street Legal, Degrassi Junior High and CODCO.

Also in 1989, Talkabout started being syndicated in the U.S., seen in 70 per cent of the U.S. market, on most Fox Network stations in major ratings centres such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas. The first week in syndication, it beat Wheel of Fortune in New York City.

Wayne Cox .... Host
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