Episode Guide - Tales of the Riverbank (Series) (1962)

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Tales of the Riverbank
"Roderick's New Boat." After a great deal of commotion around Rat's house, the other animals finally discover that he has been building himself a new boat.

"Bubbles." The Hamster's two nephews steal Uncle Roderick's pipe, soap and pail for the purpose of blowing bubbles.

"Moving Day for Guinea." Guinea-Pig moves into his new home— the old mill.

"The Rummage Sale." Roderick persuades Turtle not to throw away his grand piano, and this incident gives the rest of the animals the idea of holding a rummage sale.

"The Toad and the Turtle Race." An unusual race between two of the Riverbank's unusual animals.

"Camping." Hamster's two nephews read a book on camping and decide they will try it.

"The Stranger." An unknown prowler arrives upon the scene and Hamster is delegated to welcome him.

"Guinea-Pig Races the Wind." A race between Guinea-Pig and his aeroplane and the Riverbank Wind.

Rat is most disappointed when none of the animals have remembered his birthday until Guinea Pig delivers a huge present.

Hamster borrows Roderick's boat and becomes hopelessly lost in the fog.

"The Boothouse." Hamster makes his home out of an old boot which he finds floating downstream.

"The Riverbank." Hamster leaves home, and meets some new friends.

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