Tales from the Cryptkeeper (Series) (1993-1999)

Aka: New Tales from the Cryptkeeper

Tales from the Cryptkeeper
With each episode, this animated show features a new, unscrupulous protagonist who commits a foul deed: maybe a boy who bullies younger kids or a pair of gruesome girls with no respect for rules. As always, the Cryptkeeper is on hand to cackle and howl as these little nasties learn the error of their ways. And they usually learn the hard way, tangling with vampires, giant toads, mutant ooze or toys come to life. It's frightful fun for the whole family!

Tales from the Cryptkeeper aired in 1993-1994. In 1999, a version of the show titled New Tales from the Cryptkeeper surfaced with new episodes.

Marc Donato....David (voice)
John Kassir....Crypt Keeper (voice)
Nathaniel Siegler....Randall (voice)
Tara Strong....(voice)
Valentina Cardinelli....Camille (voice)
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