Episode Guide - Talent Caravan (Series) (1959-1960)

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Feb 6, 1959 - Debut.

Feb 13, 1959 - From New Westminster, B.C.

Feb 27, 1959 - From Winnipeg. The contestants in the program are Aubrey Tadman, Bob Erlendson, the Neville Sisters, Ray St. Germain and Georgi Pruden. The show will come from the concert hall of the auditorium.

Mar 6, 1959 - From Ottawa.

Mar 13, 1959 - From Toronto.

Apr 10, 1959 = From Moncton, N.B.

Apr 17, 1959 - From Quebec City.

May 15, 1959 - From Montreal, Quebec.

May 22, 1959 - From Regina.

May 29, 1959 - From Edmonton.

Jun 5, 1959 - Five winners of the Talent Caravan program will compete in the first of three semi-final programs. The first one will be tonight from Montreal.

Jun 12, 1959 - The second in the three semifinals of the Talent Caravan show will be seen from Winnipeg.

Jun 19, 1959 - In the last of three finals, George Murray introduces five more winners on Talent Caravan from Vancouver.

Jun 26, 1959 - Host George Murray will present the grand prize winner. The top six acts will demonstrate the talents that made them finalists.

Oct 1, 1959 - Initial program in a new series. From Edmonton.

Oct 8, 1959 - From Calgary.

Oct 22, 1959 - From Regina.

Oct 29, 1959 - Manitoba talent will be seen On Talent Caravan which will originate from Winnipeg. Contestants are pianist Aaron Charlolf; drummers Randy and Gary Peterson and singers Brad Keenan, of Brandon Shirley Shaw and Orysia Perich.

Nov 12, 1959 - Talent Caravan originates from Winnipeg. George Murray will break his three-year singing silence. The Toronto tenor will comply with requests and sing Without A Song. The show will feature winners of the Western Canadian competitions and include Robert Tait, singer, Regina; the Flittons, a Calgary family variety act; the Harmony Kids, Edmonton and the winner of the Oct. 29 program from Winnipeg.

Nov 19, 1959 - From Halifax.

Nov 26, 1959 - From Saint John, New Brunswick.

Dec 3, 1959 - Talent Caravan comes from Sydney, N.S. Appearing on the show will be 12-year-old Bobby Rudderham, singer; singer-guitarists David Gallant and Eugene Wynne; singer Diane Stephen; Ivan Burgess, singer and the Swing Low Quintet, a jazz group.

Dec 10, 1959 - Talent Caravan originates from St. John's Nfld. Contestants are the Dipsy Doodlers, a six-piece instrumental group; the Four Jays, a vocal group; 18-year-old Elisabeth McGrath, singer; 12-year-old pianist Gregory Barban and Lorraine and May-Lee Farrell, singers.

Dec 17, 1959 - Talent Caravan is a semi-final event from Halifax, featuring all winners of previous Maritime programs.

Dec 24, 1959 - From Toronto.

Dec 31, 1959 - From Toronto.

Jan 7, 1960 - Talent from the London, Ont., area will be seen

Jan 14, 1960 - Talent Caravan presents entertainers from Kitchener, Ont.

Jan 21, 1960 - Talent Caravan will originate from Hamilton, Ont.

Feb 4, 1960 - Talent Caravan originates from Montreal and presents 10 acts by amateur and semi-professional entertainers.

Feb 11, 1960 - Talent Caravan will feature 10 amateur and semi-professional acts from Montreal.

Feb 18, 1960 - Talent Caravan will originate from Ottawa where George Murray will be host to amateur entertainers.

Feb 25, 1960 - Talent Caravan features amateur and semi-professional acts from the Ottawa-Hull districts.

Mar 3, 1960 - Talent Caravan originates from Quebec City. Contestants include: singer Carol Donavan; jazz musicians The Greedon Trio; singer Dennis Walsh; dancer Roland Halle and singer Paule Lemieux.

Mar 10, 1960 - Talent Caravan will originate from Quebec City.

Mar 24, 1960 - Talent Caravanwill feature amateur and semi-professional acts from Vancouver.

Mar 31, 1960 - Talent Caravan originates from the Royal Theatre, Victoria, B.C.

Apr 7, 1960 - Talent Caravan will originate from New Westminster, B.C.

Apr 14, 1960 - George Murray and Ricky Hyslop and his orchestra present talent from Vancouver.

Apr 28, 1960 - This week George Murray presents talent from the Toronto district.

May 5, 1960 - Talent Caravan is presented from Windsor, Ont.

May 12, 1960 - Talent Caravan brings talent from the Toronto area

Jun 9, 1960 - Talent Caravan will present the first of three national semi-final programs. Today's show will originate in Montreal

Jun 16, 1960 - Talent Caravan comes from Vancouver with the second of three finals. Contestants will be The Flittons, a father, son and daughter dance team; Bob Tait, baritone; Jane Bowering and Peter Kelch, ballet dancers; Ken Perry, baritone. Singer Lorraine Foreman is George Murray's special guest.

Jun 23, 1960 - George Murray will emcee the third of three finals, from Toronto. Contestants on today's show will be Larry and Ray Marcey (billed as The Marcey Brothers) guitar and singing duo from Hanover, Ontario; Don Gray, balladeer from Barrie, Ontario, plus the two winning acts from the June 2 semi-final program. Guests are the Hames Sisters, former Pick The Stars winners and regular artists on Country Hoedown. From Toronto.

Jun 30, 1960 - Talent Caravan presents a non-competitive awards show with the winners from the three final shows participating.

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