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TV's Talent Caravan At Auditorium Tonight

From the Winnipeg Free Press, Jun 12, 1959

The second of three final Talent Caravan shows will be held tonight in the civic auditorium.

The television show, with George Murray as master of ceremonies, will feature five acts, winners of run-oft contests from Winnipeg to Moncton, N.B.

Winner will be the contestant who receives the highest total of audience and mail voles in finals at Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

The winner will receive $1,000, the runner-up, $750, and third prize is $500. There will be three other awards of $200 each. These six performers will be seen in a noncompetitive show from Toronto June 26, when the results will be announced.

Five Winnipeggers besides Mr. Murray will be seen in tonight's show. Ray St. Germain, winner or the Winnipeg Talent Caravan, will be competing. Ray is a western singer.

The four members of The Angels, who won the Toronto Talent Caravan, are also Winnipeg boys. Walter Teskey, Leslie Sumter, Brian Shane and Werner Frank form a rock-and-roll quartet.

Don Gilchrist and his pupil Jo Ann Jamison, both of Ottawa, team up in a tap and step-dancing routine which won the Ottawa contest.

Gloria Richard, winner of the Moncton, N.B., caravan, will sing classical selections.

The Starlighters, Dixieland combo, who won top money in the London, Ont., competition, also are in the show.

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