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Take Thirty
The following is an incomplete listing of episodes for Take Thirty.

Oct 1, 1962 - Hosts Anna Cameron and Paul Soles introduce two guests, both actors and experts in dialects. Valerie Cardew, from the cast of The Hostage at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, works as a dialect coach for British accents. Canadian actor Paul Kligman specializes in North American and Hebrew dialects.

Oct 2, 1962 - Detecting a Child's Talents. Music teacher David Ouchterlony, art teacher James Williamson and ballet teacher Betty Oliphant, discuss how a parent can tell whether a child has talent in these arts. What's New in Science. Dr. Fred Knelman, Montreal chemical engineer, talks about the nylon story. I Saw Ogo Pogo. Bob Quintrell talks to four people from Kelowna, B.C., who all claim to have seen the Lake Okanagan monster.

Oct 3, 1962 - Evidence. Insp. J. J. Mullin of the Metro Toronto Police fraud squad discusses his department's work. As Others See Us. Margaret Wood, a former supermarket clerk, describes the customers as she saw them. Time to Plant. T. A. Zellenroth of the Associated Bulb Growers of Holland shows how to plant window boxes and flower pots. A film entitled Birth of a Flower shows the gradual flowering of spring bulbs.

Oct 4, 1962 - Cross Fire. Two quests discuss whether an unmarried mother should give up her baby. Medicare, An up-to-date report on how Medicare is working in Saskatchewan.

Oct 5, 1962 - Visiting Russian. A Russian woman sociologist speaks with Dr. Fred Knelman and compares lives of people in Russia and North America. Doctor Knelman recently visited Russia. The Girl with the Shoes. A modern fairy tale from Copenhagen.

Oct 30, 1962 - English innkeeper Geoffrey Wright guests.

Oct 31, 1962 - Harry Boyle talks about Halloween.

Nov 1, 1962 - King Edward High School is visited.

Nov 2, 1962 - Alfie Howard, winner of England's Annual Town Crier contest, discusses the event.

Nov 12, 1962 - Paul Kligman continues his parlor game with Anna Cameron and Paul Soles. Gaylea Byrne, leading lady of the O'Keefe Centre's production of My Fair Lady, tells how her long apprentice ship as understudy has finally paid off.

Nov 13, 1962 - Don Pelletier and Lorraine Thomson illustrate fashions for the dining room, including table settings. Dr. Fred Knelman discusses epilepsy, common to such great men as Napoleon, Caesar and Alfred Nobel. Helen O'Connell discusses television fare available for children.

Nov 14, 1962 - Paul Soles acts as chef while author Sylvia Boorman gives advice on how to prepare a tasty dish of bullrushes. Miss Boorman's book, Wild Plums and Brandy is a collection of recipes using plants and wild life. Dr. Leslie Cook an associate secretary of the World Council of Churches and director of Inter-Church Aid and Service to Refugees, discusses the work of the Council with refugees throughout the world. A film feature from Halifax studies educational courses available on television.

Nov 15, 1962 - Jean Morrison's guest is a librarian and child psychologist who investigates whether consumers are getting their money's worth from encyclopedia sets on the market today. Paul Fox evaluates a current news story.

Nov 16, 1962 - A visit is made to the Royal Winter Fair to see the sights and meet personalities.

Dec 3, 1962 - Actor-comedian Larry Mann returns as a guest.

Dec 4, 1962 - Lorraine Thomson and Don Pelletier give advice on Christmas gifts and decorating. High school students Lawrence Chappell and Roy Blake talk to Anna Cameron

Dec 5, 1962 - Chef Basil Fitzgibbon shows how to "bone" a turkey. Judy Donaldson tells how to make Christmas candles.

Dec 6, 1962 - Paul Fox talks to newspaperwoman Joan Hollobon about Provincial health plans. Jean Morrison gives advice on selecting model-plane and boat kits for Christmas.

Dec 7, 1962 - Dr. Jean Sutherland Boggs, curator at the Art Gallery of Toronto, talks about the exhibit of paintings by Delacroix. Dr. Leslie Cook of the World Council of Churches discusses the Council's work in helping refugees.

Mar 4, 1963 - Paul Kligman reads "Mr. Kaplan's White Banner," from Leo Rosten's book "The Education of Hyman Kaplan." In Ottawa. Leah Illauq of the Department of Northern Affairs talks about her book "The Little Tern and the Polar Bear," the first to be published in the Eskimo language.

Mar 5, 1963 - Anna Cameron reads from a 19th-century book giving advice to young girls, and interviews Ruth Whitney, executive editor of Seventeen, about young girls today.

Mar 6, 1963 - Model Eileen Boland gives advice on grooming. In New York, fashion model Sara Thorn is interviewed by Anna Cameron. Shirley Cull of the World University Service talks about her work.

Mar 7, 1963 - A film made in Germany shows the Carl Orff method of teaching children music. Evelyn Katcheson, music consultant to the Toronto Board of Education, discusses the use of this method in Canadian schools.

Mar 8, 1963 - "Under the Shadow of St. Paul's" is a film tour of London narrated by Sam Pollock. Anna Cameron interviews actress Claudia McNeil.

Apr 1, 1963 - Paul Soles presents another New York interview with the noted American actor Eli Wallach and his actress wife, Anna Jackson. They are currently appearing together in New York in a pair of one-act plays by Murray Schisgal — The Tiger and The Typists.

Apr 2, 1963 - 1. Gwen Vernon presents another exercise session. 2. Guest is Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw, 82, of Hamilton, Ont., who has been practising medicine for almost 60 years. Dr. Bagshaw still makes her daily rounds and keeps appointments in an office she shares with an adopted son who is also a doctor. She discusses the life of a woman doctor and reminisces about 60 years of practice.

Apr 3, 1963 - Paul Soles begins another series of dancing lessons with Agota Gabor. Today, he learns the Tango.

Apr 4, 1963 - 1. A filmed look at the Association of Women Electors and their activities as "watchdogs" on municipal committees, council meetings, school board meetings and civic elections. The group reports to its members and the press about what is being done, or not done, about promises made by public officials. (Originally scheduled for March 19.) 2. Anna Cameron interviews Carolyn Heilbrun, instructor in English at Columbia University in New York. Mrs. Heilbrun discusses a recent article she wrote demanding a system of education that would permit bright women to be housewives and mothers and also to use their intellects for the benefit of the nation and for their own self-fulfillment.

Apr 5, 1963 - The problem of teenage marriages is discussed today with dramatizations highlighting particular problems. A panel discussion is led by Dr. Ben Schlesinger of the school of social work at the University of Toronto.

Apr 8, 1963 - Guests are folk-singers Valerie Siren and Peter Acker who sing, play and talk about folk-singing and folk-music. Both are students at the University of Toronto—Valerie has recently been awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship.

Apr 9, 1963 - 1. Paul Fox comments on the results of the nation's vote. 2. Gwen Vernon presents the fifth of her spring exercise sessions. 3. Walk Through San Miguel. Dodi Butchart, a young Canadian photographer, shows pictures she took on a recent trip to Mexico.

Apr 10, 1963 - 1. Dancing instructor Agota Gabor teaches Paul the "Tango." 2. This being National Library Week, Paul visits the London Library Community Centre where he talks to Dean Kent, meets some of the people and watches some of the activity of this busy place.

Apr 11, 1963 - Barbara Greene introduces viewers to a Portuguese family living in Toronto. She explains how the family members are trained to earn a living, how they feel in their new city and how they manage with their language problems and their new way of life.

Apr 15, 1963 - A filmed visit to Rideau Hall, the official Ottawa residence of His Excellency, Major-General Georges P. Vanier, Governor-General of Canada, and Madame Vanier. Fred Davis narrates the film which includes aerial shots of the building and views of various public rooms inside, and of the Royal Suite. The program is a "portrait" of Rideau Hall, tracing the history of the building itself and of its close connection with Canadian history. At the conclusion, Fred Davis visits His Excellency and Madame Vanier in the study of Government House. Hosts are Anna Cameron and Paul Soles.

Apr 16, 1963 - A visit to an all-night hairdressing salon in the heart of New York's Theatre district, where showgirls, shift-workers and women with two jobs and no free time during the day, can be neatly coiffed at any hour. Hosts Anna Cameron and Paul Soles visit the shop of Larry Matthews. They interview actress Hermione Gingold and talk to Larry about how he runs his business.

Apr 17, 1963 - 1. Agota Gabor instructs host Paul Soles in dancing The Twist. 2. The story of an Arctic housewife. Seventeen years ago a former Montreal debutante moved with her husband to the far north. Fred Diehl talks to her about the satisfactions of living far from modern city conveniences.

Apr 18, 1963 - Using a tour of Vancouver Island as an example, Rex Frost shows how to take the best holiday photographs.

Apr 19, 1963 - A visit with artist Barbara Greene who has frequently appeared on CBC Radio and TV for many years as writer-broadcaster. Ontario-born, she is the daughter of two water colorists, and has travelled to Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Africa in search of subjects to paint. Today she talks about her first stay in Africa, on the border between Uganda and the Belgian Congo. Besides some of her paintings she shows viewers weapons, implements, bells and musical instruments she brought back with her from that trip.

May 20, 1963 - There's a rainwear fashion show. Anna Cameron interviews Montreal businesswoman Lydia Speriich. Judy Donald shows how to make a beach bag.

May 21, 1963 - John Livingston introduces a series dealing with natural science.

May 22, 1963 - Eric Murray and Sam Kehela's bridge lesson is on bidding. Fred Diehl shows a film about Eskimo cooperatives. Mary Panegooshoo reports on her recent visit to Ghana.

May 23, 1963 - On film, Val Cleary interviews British author Cecil Woodham-Smith. Artist-sculptor Tutzi Haspel Seguin discusses her work.

May 24, 1963 - Sculptor Claude Roussel is the subject of today's film. Ben Lappinn discusses his work with Jewish refugee children brought to Canada after World War II.

May 27, 1963 - Hilda Mortimer interviews Jessie Richarson of Vancouver who has been a designer and maker of theatrical costumes for many years. She is involved in all major theatrical productions and festivals held in B.C.. and gives lectures about costuming.

May 28, 1963 - 1.Montreal music critic Eric McLean has just bought Papineau House—an old house in the Bonsecours market district, which he is redecorating. A film visit is made to the house. 2. Guest is Robert Mirvish, the brother of Toronto's super-salesman and theatre-owner "Honest Ed" Mirvish. He is a merchant seaman, an author and a confirmed bachelor with strong ideas about women. 3. John Livingston presents an item about communication in the animal world.

May 29, 1963 - Eric Murray and Sam Kehela continue their bridge lessons.

May 30, 1963 - 1. Thirty grade 11 and 12 students will be attending the Royal Canadian Institute Science Seminar led by Dr. C. D. Fowle, chairman of the biology department of York University. Dr. Fowle and one of the students appear on today's program. 2. Barbara Green presents some interesting views about art by some of her young friends.

May 31, 1963 - A visit to the 5th Annual Ontario Folk-Dance Camp at Lake Couchiching, Ont.

Jun 24, 1963 - Anna Cameron and Paul Soles loll around a swimming pool with some guests. Peter Whittall gives some barbecuing tips and a few bathing beauties present a fashion show.

Jun 25, 1963 - 1. John Livingstone's final nature show traces the living form from fish to vertebrates. 2. A visit to Montreal music critic Eric McLean's new house — the Papineau house on Bonsecours Street.

Jun 26, 1963 - Today's special guest is Marlene Stuart Streit, one of Canada's outstanding golfers.

Jun 27, 1963 - 1. Barbara Greene's young friends hold a discussion about God. 2. Frank Moritsugu presents a shelf-full of books for holiday reading.

Jun 28, 1963 - Anna Cameron and Paul Soles explore the world of The Summer Holiday. Paul presents a filmed visit to one of the many Butlin holiday camps in Britain, and Anna takes a mythical European holiday where she encounters various lands of gentlemen.

Sept 16, 1963 - A return of the popular series of last season in which co-hosts Anna Cameron and Paul Soles offer 30 minutes of interviews, features and general items of popular interest. First guest in the new series is Jerrie Cobb of Oklahoma City, U.S. aviation's woman of the year for 1959 and hopeful female astronaut.

Sept 17, 1963 - What's Happened to the Little Red School House? Anna Cameron talks about the disappearing one-room rural school across Canada. A guest teacher from one such school gives her impressions on the subject. Anna also interviews Leonard DeVries of Holland, who writes children's books.

Sept 18, 1963 - Host Paul Soles interviews a member of the National Youth Orchestra to find out what the satisfactions are to young players, both of playing together and to having the guidance and influence of the country's leading musicians. Another guest is Barry O'Neill, a mathematics student at the University of Toronto who has constructed a computing machine which turns out verse. Barry brings his poetry machine with him. In addition, Paul shows some of Gerrard Hoffnung's musical impressions on film.

Sept 19, 1963 - Anna Cameron and Paul Soles talk with special guest Dr. Tyrone Guthrie, founder of Ontario's Stratford Theatre. On the same program, Dr. Paul Fox, professor of economics at the University of Toronto, talks with three visiting Anglican Church clergy. They are: the Rt. Rev. Chandu Ray, Bishop of Karachi; the Rt. Rev. John C. Vockler, Bishop of Fiji Islands and Polynesia; and the Rev. Henry Okulla of Uganda.

Sept 20, 1963 - Anna Cameron and Paul Soles present a feature film on Petra, the rock-carved capital of Nabateans in Jordan. The co-hosts are also seen talking with internationally-known wildlife photographer Armand Denis.

Sep 23, 1963 - Carol Lawrence and comedians Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster are Paul Soles and Anna Cameron's guests.

Sep 24, 1963 - Kate Aitken displays children's art from around the world.

Sep 25, 1963 - Jamaican folklorist Louise Bennet is a guest. Jean Morrison talks about her trip to Pakistan. Paul Soles, Anna Cameron.

Sep 26, 1963 - Anna Cameron and Paul Soles show a film of an Austrian village for homeless children.

Sep 27, 1963 - Lotte Lehmann talks to Jim Beveridge about her career in opera.

Oct 21, 1963 - Guest is Noel Coward whose latest production soon plays in Toronto. He is interviewed by Lotta Dempsey.

Oct 22, 1963 - 1. Guest is Dr. Norman Swanson, president of the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ontario, who will discuss the work of the occupational therapist. 2. Barbara Kirschenblatt, a student of the University of Toronto, brings her versatility to bear on the problem of Hallowe'en parties. 3. A discussion on re-incarnation between the Rev. Franklin Loehr and Alan Spraggett.

Oct 23, 1963 - 1. Agota Gabor returns to give Paul Soles his first intensive dance lesson of the season. 2. Helge Larson, an expert on Eskimo art, is interviewed by Sonya Sinclair.

Oct 24, 1963 - 1. Madame Benoit, culinary expert, returns to introduce the making of good soup. 2. Dr. Roger Pilkington, British scientific writer, discusses theology with Paul Soles. 3. Paul Fox discusses the national pension scheme currently occupying the House of Commons.

Oct 25, 1963 - 1. Mary Sutherland returns to continue her tips on how to collect antiques. 2. Mas Tsuruoka, whose Toronto school is said to be the first karate academy in Canada, will demonstrate some of the finer points of karate, a form of self-defense. 3. Florence Katsuko Hayashi, a Japanese-Canadian policewoman on the Hamilton Police Force is interviewed.

Nov 11, 1963 - Paul Soles talks to Anna Russell, a Canadian-born comedienne, about her life and times.

Nov 12, 1963 - Anna Cameron talks to Donald David, an Irish fashion designer, who was recently in Toronto to introduce some of his fashions. On film we meet a fashion photographer and investigate the influence he has through the use of film. Also Henry Bull, Crown Attorney for Metropolitan Toronto and the County of York, discusses with Anna Cameron his views about lawyers as TV entertainment.

Nov 13, 1963 - 1. Agota Gabor gives Paul Soles another American dance lesson. 2. Barbara Kirshenblatt demonstrates print making. 3. Paul Soles talks to Vincent Price about his art collection and the plan to make original works of art by famous artists available in department stores.

Nov 14, 1963 - Lotta Dempsey interviews Mrs. John Diefenbaker; and we have an official look at the residence of the Leader of the Opposition.

Apr 6, 1964 - Guests are three "serving wenches" from England who toured Canada promoting Shakespeare's England. They are: Margo Dachy, Hylda Sims and Roseanne Law who show Anna Cameron and Paul Soles the ways of Elizabethan dining.

Apr 7, 1964 - For National Wild Life Week, a story on film and an interview with Clarence Tillenius, one of the country's foremost wildlife painters

Apr 8, 1964 - Abe Louis O'Neill of Quebec City, the Rev. Wilfred Butcher of St. Andrew's Church (Presbyterian) in Quebec, and Mr. Sam Bard, lawyer and representative of Jehovah's Witnesses, discuss understanding between people of different faiths and convictions

Apr 9, 1964 - Anna Cameron talks to Claude Picher, director of Musee Chevalier in Lower Town, Quebec City. Madame Benoit with more cookery lessons

Apr 10, 1964 - A visit to the Canadian Home Show to see the Home of Tomorrow trends and designs in home furnishing and decor

May 18, 1964 - Young Japanese conductor, Seiji Ozawa, talks to Anna Cameron about his career

May 19, 1964 - Musician Eugene Kash presents a six-part series called Intervals with the Masters. Mrs. John Stubbs, Irish-born Quebec wife and mother of four bilingual children, talks about opportunities for a family living in Quebec.

May 20, 1964 - Donald Crowdis discusses water for washing. Ruth Fremes gives the second of her demonstrations of cooking on a pension.

May 21, 1964 - Madame Benoit shows how to make Honey Cream Strawberries and Strawberry Glaze pies. Paul Fox interviews Dr. Ian Gilchrist, who for many years practised medicine in and around Angola.

May 22, 1964 - Under One Roof. Six-part series investigating aspects of family life. Part 4. The Empty Nest. Anna Cameron and Paul Soles talk with social worker Mrs. Elva Smith. On film, interviews with six mothers.

Oct 18, 1965 - Paul Soles talks about his trip to Egypt where he saw the filming of "Khartoum." Adrienne Clarkson discusses her stay in Paris during the filming of "Is Paris Burning?"

Oct 19, 1965 - Dr. Crawford Anglin discusses new measles vaccines.

Oct 20, 1965 - Jehane Benoit gives recipes for quick weekend lunches.

Oct 21, 1965 - Adrienne and Paul visit Fergus, Ont., a typical Canadian small town, to see how the people live.

Oct 22, 1965 - Marjory Whitelaw shows films of her trip to Nigeria. Russian-born Maya Jenkins, who recently visited Moscow after an absence of 20 years, discusses her trip. Adrienne Clarkson and Paul Soles are the hosts.

Nov 14, 1966 - As CBC radio launches its cross-Canada song-writing competition, Take Thirty invites Alan Millar, Terry Dale and Wally Koster to do a musical survey of songs that have been written by Canadians.

Nov 15, 1966 - In London, dynamic Observer columnist Katherine Whitehorne describes her successful career and marriage and how they mix. Also, she discusses with Adrienne Clarkson the standard topics of sex, politics and religion and her recent book, Cooking in a Bed-Sitter.

Nov 16, 1966 - 1. Members of the Kangaroo Club talk about this exclusive club to which the initiation is involvement in a motor accident. 2. A safety expert describes the growing hazards of motorcycle driving. 3. A doctor explains the causes, effect and cure of whiplash.

Nov 17, 1966 - 1. Native Newfoundlander Marilyn Burke sings songs of Newfoundland. 2. Paul Soles takes a ferryboat trip along the coast of Newfoundland and visits with Harold Duffets and his giant Newfoundland dogs.

Nov 18, 1966 - 1. R.A.J. Phillips, director of the Canadian Anti-Poverty Campaign, describes how his committee hopes to beat poverty. 2. Lawyer Andrew Lawson comments on a new system designed to make legal aid available to the poor.

Mar 25, 1968 - Today, an interview with Leon Major, artistic director of the Neptune Theatre in Halifax, Canada's first community theatre. Co-hosts are Adrienne Clarkson and Paul Soles.

Mar 28, 1968 - Women Alone. Today, the fifth program in a 10-week series in which Adrienne Clarkson interviews high paid career girls, performers, sociologists, widows, divorcees and others.

Apr 28, 1969 - The second of three shows on pregnancy.

Apr 29, 1969 - Paul Soles interviews actor Michael Caine in Hollywood.

Apr 30, 1969 - Guest: Vincent Tovell, producer of a CBC series on zoos.

May 2, 1969 - Paul Soles interviews American radio comedians Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding.

May 26, 1969 - First of three shows on sex education for children. Today: the reproduction process in plants, fishes and frogs. Parts two and three will run in the next two consecutive Monday spots.

May 27, 1969 - Paul Soles interviews actor Henry Fonda in Hollywood. Included: excerpts from several Fonda films.

May 28, 1969 - Physical fitness expert Bonnie Prudden offers tips on dieting. Hosts: Adrienne Clarkson and Paul Soles.

May 30, 1969 - Ed Reid offers a report an educational conferences held across Canada last year.

Jun 9, 1969 - Concluding show on sex education for children. Films record human development from conception to birth.

Jun 10, 1969 - Discussing racism: Kathleen Cleaver, wife of Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver; sociologist Margaret Norquay; town planner Jane Jacobs; and Canadian Indian Alanis Obomoswin.

Jun 11, 1969 - Interviews with screenwriter Calder Willingham ("The Graduate"), and painters Liu Sui and Harold Porter who paints moustaches on TV screens.

Jun 12, 1969 - A look at the efforts of Victoria, BC residents to preserve local architectural monuments.

Jun 13, 1969 - Last show of the season with regular hosts Adrienne Clarkson and Paul Soles. Today: Highlights of the past season.

Jun 30, 1969 - Topic: the concept of monarchy focuses on British rulers. Film clips include young Charles, whose investiture as Prince of Wales tomorrow is the first since 1911.

Jul 1, 1969 - From Montreal: a discussion of Philip Roth's book "Portnoy's Complaint" with several Jewish mothers and sons.

Jul 2, 1969 - Guest: "The Galloping Gourmet" (Graham Kerr). Host: Jehane Benoit.

Jul 3, 1969 - An examination of new ideas in education includes an interview with a teaching couple whose book "English Through Experience" advocates the use of Mad Magazine and Beatle recordings. Marjorie Gage hosts.

Jul 4, 1969 - Topic: Alberta's juvenile correctional institutions.

Sep 13, 1971 - A visit to Churchill Falls in Labrador, site of Canada's largest construction project: a soon-to-be completed hydro power plant.

Sep 15, 1971 - Psychoanalyst Rollo May discusses his 1970 best-seller "Love and Will." Part 1.

Sep 16, 1971 - Conclusion of an interview with psychoanalyst Rollo May, author of the 1970 best-seller "Love and Will." Host: Adrienne Clarkson.

Sep 17, 1971 - Topic: short cuts to learning a second language.

Nov 1, 1971 - Patricia Neal

Sep 10, 1973 - A review of the Federal government's national park policy and its effects on a proposed Nova Scotia park, 40 miles from Halifax.

Sep 11, 1973 - A tongue-in-cheek look at the west-coast culture.

Sep 12, 1973 - Who is your hero? A survey to discover who Canadians idolize with on-the-street interviews in Toronto. Ed Reid is the series host.

Sep 13, 1973 - A visit with John Rannie, a shipyard superintendent in Marystown, Nfld., where 500-ton trawlers are built.

Sep 14, 1973 - Why kids leave school: a visit to a school for dropouts in Toronto, Including interviews with students.

Dec 27, 1973 - Rum Runners of Lunenburg — A discussion with a number of retired rum runners from Nova Scotia.

Sep 11, 1974 - TAKE THIRTY FROM WINNIPEG - Poet-author Maara Haas and singer-actor Cecil Semchyshyn.

Sep 12, 1974 - A look at the Irish Sweepstakes and Montreal's $100,000 Voluntax, replaced by Quebec's Loto-Quebec.






Nov 1, 1977 - Topic: single fathers. Hosts: Hana Gartner and Paul Soles.

Jun 5, 1978 - TAKE THIRTY FROM OTTAWA - A look at dyslexia, the common medical term for learning disabilities.

Jun 6, 1978 - Grade seven students of Deer Park Public school and Toronto lawyer Jeff Wilson voice differing opinions on children's rights.


Jun 8, 1978 - Dr. Robert McClure discusses his work in China as a missionary surgeon.



Aug 15, 1978 - TAKE THIRTY FROM MONTREAL. The problems faced by the chronically ill and elderly are discussed, as is the effect of the government budget restrictions and population decline on schools.

Aug 16, 1978 - TAKE THIRTY FROM EDMONTON. "Scenes From The Front Porch" Volunteer workers discuss the mutual bond between those who donate their time and the people they donate their time to.

Aug 18, 1978 - TAKE THIRTY FROM WINNIPEG. Bob Hunter, an environmentalist, writer and one of the founders of the Greenpeace Movement, is profiled.

Sep 11, 1978 - 15th season begins with a report on immunization in light of a recent polio outbreak in Ontario.

Sep 12, 1978 - Scheduled topic: residential planning for the elderly, with Dr. Powell Lawton of the Philadelphia Geriatric Center and Toronto architect Pamela Cluff. Hana Gartner, Harry Brown.

Sep 13, 1978 - Scheduled: An interview with Jack Lemmon, filmed in New York. Hana Gartner, Harry Brown.

Sep 14, 1978 - Scheduled topic: treatment of migraine headaches. Hana Gartner and Harry Brown are the hosts.

Sep 15, 1978 - Scheduled topic: the "population explosion" of household pets. Hosts: Hana Gartner, Harry Brown.

Dec 19, 1978 - Jim McHarg and the Metro Stompers play jazz on toy instruments.

Dec 20, 1978 - Topic: treating phobias.

Dec 21, 1978 - Guest: Jean Vanier, founder of L'Arche, a community in France for the mentally handicapped.

Dec 22, 1978 - A program of Christmas music. Hosts: Harry Brown and Hana Gartner.

Dec 26, 1978 - Guests: singer Mary Lou Collins, Fred C. Dobbs and broadcaster Larry Zolf. Harry Brown and Hana Gartner.

Dec 27, 1978 - A profile of painter Harold Town.

Dec 28, 1978 - Guest: journalist Bonnie Kreps.

Dec 29, 1978 - Guest: former South Vietnamese minister of defense Tran Van Dong.

Mar 14, 1979 - Topic: avoiding phony arthritis "cures." Hana Gartner and Harry Brown are the program hosts.

Mar 15, 1979 - Topic: investing money wisely.

Mar 16, 1979 - Scheduled: A tour of a house built with non-allergenic materials.





May 28, 1979 - The Unification Church is discussed by a former member. Hosts: Hana Gartner, Harry Brown.

May 30, 1979 - Topic: teaching gifted children.

May 31, 1979 - A visit to the March of Dimes winter camp for the physically disabled in Sudbury, Ont.

Jun 1, 1979 - Topic: the success of Manitoba's garment industry.

Jun 4, 1979 - THIRTY FROM TORONTO. Among the items schedule for today: Actor Jack Lemmon talks with Hana Gartner about his profession. Young skilled canoeists at Camp Kandalore demonstrate how easy it is to get into trouble, and - with the right training- get out of it again.


Jun 6, 1979 - THIRTY FROM OTTAWA. Among the items scheduled for today: Country Report Potpourri and an examination of cruelty to farm animals

Jun 7, 1979 - THIRTY FROM TORONTO. Among the items scheduled (or today: A visit with the Peri-Natal Unit in Women's College Hospital, where babies are treated before they are born, as well as after.

Jun 8, 1979 - THIRTY FROM WINNIPEG. Among scheduled events: A profile of Winnipeg's small but closely knit Chilean community.

Jul 16, 1979 - TAKE THIRTY FROM TORONTO. Horseback Riding.

Jul 17, 1979 - TAKE THIRTY FROM VANCOUVER. Vanishing Land.


Jul 19, 1979 - TAKE THIRTY FROM SASKATOON. The plight of Vietnamese refugees is one of the topics discussed at the 1979 Learned Societies Conference held in Saskatoon earlier this year.

Jul 20, 1979 - TAKE THIRTY FROM ST. JOHN'S. The Telegram. A documentary on the centennial of St. John's major local newspaper.

Aug 31, 1979 - (Best of Take 30) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This half hour program encompasses two aspects of a common human problem: what to do if someone in your family or with whom you are in contact has a heart attack while you are present; and the causes and prevention of heart disease.

Sep 4, 1979 - TAKE 30 FROM TORONTO. Hana Gartner visits the basement of University of Toronto Zoology Professor Dr. Steve Tobe and samples herbs and vegetables from his hydroponic garden. A conversation with a "relocation consultant" - professionals who pick up the pieces after senior executives get the axe. Hana Gartner interviews Joan McDonald, one of Canada s best archers, and gets a lesson in archery.

Sep 7, 1979 - (Best of Take 30) Jean Vanier. Hana Gartner goes to St. Augustine Seminary in Toronto to interview Jean Vanier, son of Canada's late Governor General and founder of L'Arche Communities for the mentally handicapped. Starting in 1964 with the purchase of a big old house in France which Vanier turned into a home for handicapped man. L'Arche (the Ark) Communities now exist in 13 countries, including Canada, and involve 54 such homes. Gartner's conversation with Vanier, however, is not so much about the running of the communities themselves as about the humanitarian philosophy behind them, eloquently expressed by a gentleman who, to his discomfort, has been described by some as a saint.

Sep 10, 1979 - This daily current-affairs program begins its 16th season with a look at Canada's entry into World War II. Hosts: Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Sep 11, 1979 - Hana Gartner talks with a young thalidomide victim and her family. Also: a discussion of efforts to compensate thalidomide children.

Sep 12, 1979 - A visit with one of Canada's women air-traffic controllers.

Sep 13, 1979 - Actress Melina Mercouri talks about her childhood, marriage and politics.

Dec 3, 1979 - Topic: hydrogen's potential as a source of energy. Hana Gartner and Harry Brown are the hosts.

Dec 4, 1979 - A report on a program offered by Toronto's George Brown College to help individuals who have undergone psychiatric care readjust to society.

Dec 5, 1979 - A report on Canada's prison system.

Dec 6, 1979 - A report from the Izaak Walton Killam Hospital for Children in Halifax, where doctors use puppets to allay children's fears about surgery. Hosts: Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Dec 7, 1979 - Hana Gartner visits a school for auctioneers in Lacombe, Alta.

Jan 14, 1980 - Topic: migraine headaches. Specialists discuss possible causes and treatments, and migraine sufferers talk about how their affliction affects their careers and family life. Hosts: Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Jan 15, 1980 - An interview with author Andrew Boyle ("The Fourth Man").

Jan 17, 1980 - An interview with George Klebnikov, chief of the interpretation service at the United Nations. Hosts: Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Feb 25, 1980 - A visit with gymnast Elfi Schlegel.

Feb 26, 1980 - An interview with Gilles Villeneuve.

Feb 29, 1980 - A report on how to get the most out of an older car.

Mar 24, 1980 - A quiz on how well parents know their children's TV-viewing habits. First of five reports on TV and the family. Hana Gartner, Harry Brown.

Mar 25, 1980 - Segments include a report on when and how to control the amount of TV a child watches.

Mar 26, 1980 - Segments include a report on how to recognize a good children's TV show.

Mar 27, 1980 - Tips on how children can stay physically fit and mentally alert while watching TV.

Mar 28, 1980 - A report on a family that gave up all TV viewing for two weeks.

Apr 22, 1980 - Guest: Andrew Malcolm, Toronto bureau chief of The New York Times.

Apr 23, 1980 - A discussion of harelip and cleft palate, two relatively common congenital deformities.





Jun 24, 1980 - Financial advice for women. Guests include economist Monica Townson.

Jun 25, 1980 - Comparing Kishorn, Scotland, now booming because of offshore oil, with similar towns in Newfoundland.

Jun 26, 1980 - A report on a Calgary group that is saving the city's old buildings.

Jun 27, 1980 - B.C. paramedics are shown resuscitating heart-attack victims.

Aug 4, 1980 - TAKE THIRTY FROM WINNIPEG. A visit to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, near Austin, Man.

Aug 5, 1980 - TAKE THIRTY FROM SYDNEY. A report on the ethnic groups of Cape Breton, N.S.

Aug 6, 1980 - TAKE THIRTY FROM OTTAWA. A report on a proposal to build a gambling casino in Gatineau. Que

Aug 7, 1980 - TAKE THIRTY FROM SASKATOON. A profile of hockey scout Johnny Walker of Saskatoon.

Aug 8, 1980 - TAKE THIRTY FROM SASKATOON. Topic: alcohol and the elderly.

Aug 18, 1980 - A program on the growing acceptance of Indian medicine men.

Aug 19, 1980 - A discussion of culture in Quebec.

Aug 20, 1980 - Topic the deserted family.

Aug 21, 1980 - A visit to an energy-efficient housing project on Prince Edward Island.

Aug 22, 1980 - Items include a visit with comedian Howie Mandel.

Sep 15, 1980 - Lois Wilson, moderator of the United Church of Canada, is interviewed.

Sep 16, 1980 - Included: tips on making student expenses tax deductible.

Sep 17, 1980 - A forum on the question of sterilizing mentally handicapped young people.

Sep 19, 1980 - Harry Brown tours St. John's, Nfld., his home town.

Oct 14, 1980 - Tips on gourmet cooking, including a recipe tor pistachio souffle

Oct 15, 1980 - Conclusion of a two-part forum on sex and the disabled.

Oct 16, 1980 - Allan Gould looks at Ann Landers' 25-year career

Oct 17, 1980 - Juliette is interviewed in her Vancouver home

Nov 10, 1980 - A report on toxic-shock syndrome

Nov 12, 1980 - A forum on the male mid-life crisis.

Nov 14, 1980 - A report on German Jews who were interned in Canada during the Second World War.

Dec 8, 1980 - A report on the Culinary Olympics held in Frankfurt. West Germany.

Dec 9, 1980 - A look at Santa Clones, a personnel agency where prospective Santas are taught how to handle kids.

Dec 10, 1980 - A forum on early-childhood learning. Guest: Dr. Burton Whyte.

Dec 11, 1980 - A look at electronic toys for Christmas. Host: Allan Gould.

Dec 12, 1980 - A visit with Dr. Han Suyin, author of "A Many-Splendored Thing."

Dec 15, 1980 - Dr. John Witzig talks about the bionator, an easily adjustable and removable replacement for teeth braces. Host: Harry Brown

Dec 16, 1980 - Topic: children and cooking.

Dec 17, 1980 - A forum on sibling relationships with authors Carole and Andrew Calladine ("Raising Siblings").

Dec 18, 1980 - A look at new Canadian children's books for Christmas.

Dec 19, 1980 - Guest: James Michener
















Nov 2, 1981 - Scheduled: Harry Brown goes under hypnosis and talks about a previous life. Also: a look at baby clothing. Hana Gartner.

Nov 3, 1981 - Scheduled: What medicine can offer the arthritic sufferer. Cynthia Wine stops off in Quebec to sample food. Hosts: Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Nov 4, 1981 - Forum topic: racism in Canada. Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Nov 5, 1981 - Scheduled: A mother tells why she sent her daughter for karate lessons. Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Nov 6, 1981 - Scheduled: Gore Vidal.

Nov 30, 1981 - Scheduled: Heather Robertson discusses her book "The Flying Bandit," based on the life of Ken Leishman.

Dec 1, 1981 - Scheduled: A visit to Lyndhurst Hospital in Toronto, Ont., which rehabilitates people with spinal injuries.

Dec 2, 1981 - Forum topic: doctors' wives, with author Cynthia Smith and a panel of male and female doctors and their spouses who talk about marriage problems.

Dec 3, 1981 - Scheduled: Journalists Anne Nelson and Val Ross talk about their recent experience in El Salvador. Hana Gartner and Harry Brown,

Dec 4, 1981 - Scheduled: An interview with ex-cons who work at an upholstery shop in Newfoundland. Hosts: Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Dec 7, 1981 - Scheduled: A look at the controversy over life-style beer commercials. Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Dec 8, 1981 - Scheduled: A look at the anti-abortion campaign of the Right to Life organization. Also: electronic music.

Dec 9, 1981 - Battered women talk about violence at home along with police, legal and social-service representatives. Hosts: Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Dec 10, 1981 - Scheduled: A look at electronic games and interviews with some of the inventors. Hana Gartner and Harry Brown.

Dec 11, 1981 - Scheduled: An interview with the daughter of Guglielmo Marconi, pioneer inventor of radio.

Aug 16, 1982 - TAKE THIRTY FROM TORONTO. Dr. Kjeld Mollgard discusses human brain transplants with specialists from the University of Toronto.

Aug 17, 1982 - TAKE THIRTY FROM MONTREAL. Dennis Trudeau hosts a discussion on the abortion issue in Quebec.

Aug 18, 1982 - TAKE THIRTY: FORUM. Harry Brown moderates a debate on the issue of teaching creationism along with evolution in Canada's classrooms.

Aug 19, 1982 - TAKE THIRTY FROM CAPE BRETON. The rising fame of singer-songwriter Allister MacGillivary is highlighted.

Aug 20, 1982 - TAKE THIRTY FROM P.E.I. The captain, crew and passengers pay tribute to the CN ferryboat "Abegweit" for its 35 years of service to Toronto.

Sep 13, 1982 - The 19th-season opener provides an overview of topics to be covered during the next few months.

Sep 14, 1982 - A visit to a camp in Southern Ontario where children learn about computers. Harry Brown and Nadine Berger.

Sep 15, 1982 - A discussion of aging and retirement.

Sep 16, 1982 - An examination of the after-effects of radioactive fallout in Nevada.

Sep 17, 1982 - A profile of artist Judy Chicago.

Dec 6, 1982 - An interview with a couple who had a child by artificial insemination. Harry Brown and Nadine Berger.

Dec 7, 1982 - A discussion of the problem of miscarriage. Nadine Berger and Harry Brown.

Dec 8, 1982 - Forum topic: Should workers in essential services be allowed to strike?

Dec 9, 1982 - Allan Gould takes a look at some of the newest books for children.

Dec 10, 1982 - A look at how toys are made and a talk with cartoonist Terry Mosher.

Dec 20, 1982 - A visit to a shop for mice lovers in Weinberg.

Dec 21, 1982 - Dr. David Suzuki of "The Nature of Things" explains fetal alcohol syndrome, a form of mental retardation occurring in infants whose mothers drink excessively during pregnancy.

Dec 22, 1982 - Forum Topic: The high incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome in the Northwest Territories.

Dec 23, 1982 - An interview with a couple who have adopted 13 handicapped children.

Dec 24, 1982 - A tribute highlighting the achievements of the Salvation Army as it celebrates 100 years of service.

Dec 27, 1982 - An interview with photographer Andy Parks about his anthology "A Day in the Life of Australia."

Dec 28, 1982 - A talk with Bishop John Sperry, a missionary in the Arctic, who has worked with many Eskimo communities.

Dec 29, 1982 - Forum topic: public financial support of the arts in Canada.

Dec 30, 1982 - A look at a program being run in Scarborough, Ont, that lessens children's fear of hospitals by taking them on tours of the facilities.

Dec 31, 1982 - A review of the political and economic predictions made about the past year, and more predictions for 1983.

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