Tabloid (Series) (1953-1963)

Aka: 701; Seven-Oh-One

Tabloid was a half-hour specializing in interviews, chitchat among the staff and presented each night a surrealistic weather map by Percy Saltzman. In addition, the show included a newscast, sports, and a newsreel. It was the CBC's first magazine-type show.

Tabloid was retitled 701 for the 1963 summer season and the show was given a modified format and time.

Dick MacDougal....Host (1953-1958)
Max Ferguson....Host (1958-1960)
Alan Millar....Host (1961-1962)
Percy Saltzman....Weatherman
Elaine Grand....Interviewer/Co-Host (1953-1956)
Paisley Maxwell....Interviewer/Co-Host (1956)
Joyce Davidson....Interviewer/Co-Host (1956-1960)
Betty-Jean Talbot....Interviewer/Co-Host (1961-1962)
Gil Christy....Newscaster
John O'Leary....Newscaster (1953-1960)
Dave Price....Sportscaster
Robert Fulford
Trent Frayne
John Saywell

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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