Episode Guide - Switchback (Series) (1981-1989)

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Jan 4, 1981 (Vancouver) Debut: Live from CBC Vancouver's studios, this new magazine-variety program is packed with guests and ideas selected and contributed by children. Guests on today's show include Dionne Luther ("The Beachcombers") and hockey star Guy Lafleur. (Live; 90 min.)

Feb 15, 1981 (Vancouver) Scheduled guests are radio DJ Mike McCoy and magician Randy Charach. Music by Kool and the Gang and Billy Joel. (Live; 90 min.)

Apr 12, 1981 (Vancouver) Guests: animator Norman Drew; Carl Valentine of the Vancouver Whitecaps; and Tommy Stewart, drummer for the rock group Trooper. (90 min.)

Nov 18, 1984 (Vancouver) The fifth season opens with Andrew Cochrane as the new program host. Featured: Jackson concert ticket giveaways and videos by Wham! and Maria Vidal. Also: a secret interview with the Homework Man. (90 min.)

Oct 13, 1985 (Winnipeg) Season debut. Host Laurie Mustard welcomes guests Steve Fonyo and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Nov 17, 1985 (Toronto) Scheduled guest: rock musician Gowan, featuring his video "Cosmetics."

Nov 24, 1985 (Toronto) Guest: Dale Martindale from the rock group Images in Vogue.

Dec 8, 1985 (Toronto) An interview with Annette Lawrence a collector of Bruce Springsteen paraphernalia.

Jan 12, 1986 (Toronto) Scheduled: Comedienne Maria Lukofsky.

Jan 12, 1986 (Ottawa) Program hosted by Brigitte Robinson featuring segments on the following: playing of the music video "Where's Bula" by Eight Seconds; St. John School and "Tongue Twisters"; the group "Jugglers Jam" is in the studio, including interview with juggler, unicyclist and clown Aaron Plaskin; tape of Santa Parade; review of movie Young Sherlock Holmes by Allan Matte; clip of movie "Bring On the Night"; Dr. Why talks about origins of bikes; tape of "Silly Bikes" with Albert Ménard and his Softball Team; performance of airband from Nepean High School; playing of the video "Kiss You" by Eight Seconds; interview by Brigitte Robinson with members of the group Eight Seconds; playing of the video "Progresso" by Eight Seconds. Producer of the program is Janet Evans.

Jan 26, 1986 (Ottawa) Program hosted by Brigitte Robinson featuring segments on the following: tap dances by members of the Capital Dance Studio; Philemon Wright school cooking class demonstration; performance of three songs by the music group Soupe de Jour and an interview with the group; students of Glashan Public School reply to the comment "I hate it when..."; Becky Rynor of Newsday does an item on a visit from Disney characters; Dr. Why explains heart attacks; book review; presentation of the video Progresso Expresso by the group Eight Seconds; Brigitte Robinson and Alan Emery of the Museum of Natural Sciences talk about sharks.

Feb 2, 1986 (Ottawa) Program hosted by Brigitte Robinson featuring the following segments: welcome to French Exchange students from France "Club Espoir"; the playing of the David Bowie/Mick Jagger music video "Dancing in the Street"; a map of the area "serviced" by Switchback; Richard Binsley and Canterbury H.S. students with noises; teen models from Hull school in fashion show; professor of architecture Don Westwood on how television works; Roland Emmett sculpture cut to music; playing of the music video of the song "Sisters Doin' It For Themselves" by Aretha Franklin and the Eurythmics; Brigitte Robinson on sex roles and stereotyping; Brigitte interviews guests Amanda Lindsay (with iguana) and Daryl Durant with a snake and anoles.

Feb 2, 1986 (Toronto) Featured: interviews with Rik Emmett and Gil Moore of Triumph.

Feb 9, 1986 (Ottawa) Show #5 in the Switchback series, a CBOT-produced series for children and teenagers, with host Brigitte Robinson. Items include showing of the music videos "It's Only Love" sung by Bryan Adams and Tina Turner, "Wham in China" by the group Wham, and "Follow Me" by the group Gonks Go Beat, a segment on Highland Park High School students giving hairdos to kids and seniors, an item on the Chinese New Year, complete with DragonL/Tiger and choir, in which the choir director teachers the audience to sing a New Year's song in Chinese, a feature on 10-year-old Matthew Pelton of the Carlyle School in Montreal, who runs a "Dear Abby/Matthew"-type column for the school paper, a segment with Dr. Why on "Why We Blush", duet by host Brigitte Robinson and singer-guitar player Wayne Rostad of the songs "I've Got You Babe", Wayne Rostad sings "The Bear" song, Brigitte and Wayne in a "Lets Talk" segment on dating and the rock group Gonks Go Beat visits the studio and answers questions from the audience.

Feb 16, 1986 (Ottawa) Show #6 in the Switchback series, a CBOT-produced series for children and teenagers, with host Brigitte Robinson. Segments include: music videos of the songs "Talk Talk" by the group The Arrows and "Heart of the City" by The Arrows, a visit from Winterlude's young "Ice Hogs", Numee and Numa, along with footage from Winterlude festivities on the Rideau Canal, youngsters from the R.A. Fencing Club in Ottawa demonstrate foils and epes (in the studio) along with an interview of their instructor, Paulette Cogliati, jokes from the Bancroft school in Montreal, an airband from Nepean High School performing the song "Be Good Johnny" by the group Men at Work, host Brigitte Robinson and Pat Sterline, teacher from St. John the Apostle School, in the "Let's talk about your teacher segment", 14-year-old Janine Van Kessel reviews the film "The Gods Must Be Crazy", and Brigitte Robinson interviews members of the rock group "The Arrows".

Feb 23, 1986 (Ottawa) Show #7 in Switchback, a CBOT series for children & teenagers, with host Brigitte Robinson. Segments include: visit by Brigette to "Charlie's Angels" (the Cromek Girls' Hockey League in Morrisburg, Ontario) and appearance by team members in studio audience; music video of song "I'd Like to Know You Well" by Howard Jones; airband called "Captain Rhythm Blitz and The Coconut Grove Allstars" which won Heritage Campus airband finals, performs song "Just a Gigolo"; a three-girl group called "The Pointer Sisters", which was a finalist in Confederation High School airband contest, lip-synchs the song "The Neutron Dance"; 18-year-old cartoonist Cuyler Black talks in the studio about the comic strip he draws for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper called "Furtree High"; Dr. Why explains why some people are left-handed; discussion on why people swear by Brigitte and the audience, as well as comments on this by students of Bancroft School in Montreal; Ottawa 67's hockey team members Darren Beals (goaltender) & Guy Larose (centre) talk to Brigitte and kids in audience try to score against them; appearance by Itzia About, Montreal star from television show "Paul, Marie et Les Enfants".

Mar 2, 1986 (Ottawa) Children's television program with segments as follows: showing of the videos "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston and "There Was a Time" by One to One; members of the Ottawa Tae Kwon Du School give an in-studio demonstration; interview of Pierre Chetelat, 13-year-old member of the school; Brookfield High School airband performs the song "Sheila" by Ready For The World; Montreal children's radio show called Anything Goes; review of the film Pretty in Pink by Christa Bennett; Dr. Why discusses earthquakes; host Brigitte Robinson and the studio audience discuss having to move (from one place, house to another); interview with the rock group One To One.

Mar 2, 1986 (Toronto) Boxer Shawn O'Sullivan.

Mar 9, 1986 (Ottawa) Children's program with segments as follows: showing of the music video "Love is the Seventh Wave" by Sting; scenes of the local rock band The Republic making its first video; scenes from the play "One Thousand Cranes" being performed in local Ottawa schools by local actors; band from Woodroffe High School; interview with The Republic; movie review of the film Toby McTeague by Eban Namer (includes clip from the film); Dr. Why (played by Don Westwood) interviews Jeff Whiting from Broadview Public School about his experiment on dinosauroids.

Mar 16, 1986 (Ottawa) Children's television program with segments as follows: showing of the music video "Cosmetics" by Gowan; segment on pioneer kids from Macskimming Sciences School, Cumberland, Ontario; the band Magic Circle and The Little Carib Dancers play and dance to Caribbean music. Host Brigitte Robinson joins in and they teach her to dance one of the numbers and speak to her about West Indian culture and traditions; jokes by students of D. Roy Kennedy School; Dr. Why (played by Don Westwood) answers questions sent in by young viewers (why we can't tickle ourselves and why we get hiccups); guest Marc Garneau, Canada's first astronaut in space shows footage of his flight and answers questions from children in the studio audience and from children who phone in.

Mar 23, 1986 (Ottawa) Children's television show with segments as follows: the showing of the music videos "Tears Are Not Enough" by Northern Lights and "Ebony and Ivory" by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder; a group of 6 students from Kingston, who calls themselves "Party Zone", wrote 2 songs against drunk driving -- they sing the songs and are interviewed; reviewers Helen Cemas and Alan Matte talk about the play "Tinker, Tailor, Dragon Slayer"; Dr. Why (played by Don Westwood), explains why our hair turns white and what blind people dream about; host Brigitte Robinson discusses Apartheid and living in South Africa, with political correspondent Dan Turner and the studio audience; Brigitte Robinson interviews puppeteer Noreen Young (including clips of her different puppets and footage of her new pilot "Under the Umbrella Tree"; Noreen Young answers questions from the studio audience about puppets.

Mar 30, 1986 (Ottawa) Children's television show with segments as follows: the showing of music videos "Tears are Not Enough" by Northern Lights, "Break the Ice" by Mike Curb and "Kyrie" by Mr. Mister; a 17-piece stage band from Meadowlands Public School performs in the studio; an item on Easter hats from St. Joseph's School in Toledo, Ontario; a group of Grade 8 students from Queen Elizabeth School in Ottawa are in the studio to accept their prize of a VCR for a song, poem and essay they wrote on world hunger and the success of Tears Are Not Enough; interview of David MacDonald, African Famine Relief Co-ordinator by Brigitte Robinson; Rick Savone reviews the film "Rad"; Dr. Why (played by Don Westwood) and a youngster demonstrate the structural strength of eggs; Brigitte Robinson interviews members of the rock group Mr. Mister; retrospective of past Switchback shows; Easter Bunny distributes chocolate eggs to audience.

Apr 20, 1986 (Toronto) Featured: an interview with members of The Box. Also: Bill Valliere of the Endangered Animal Sanctuary.

Apr 27, 1986 (Toronto) A freestyle skateboarding demonstration. Host: Shawn Thompson.

Sep 14, 1986 (Toronto) Toronto musician Billy Newton Davis is this week's guest.

Sep 28, 1986 (Toronto) Guests include singer Kim Mitchell and former lead singer of the Go-Go's Belinda Carlisle.

Oct 5, 1986 (Toronto) This week's guests include Toronto singer Billy Newton-Davis and John Wildman, star of "My American Cousin" and the CTV program "The Campbells." Also included is an interview with the group Doctor and the Medics.

Oct 5, 1986 (Ottawa) Program featuring the following items: music videos by the group Glass Tiger; taped person-in-the-street interviews on the question "What word do you use to describe something you like and something you don't like?"; a taped item on skateboarding and a contest on skateborading; a contest on photographs taken by children during the summer; a taped item on the rock group Glass Tiger; a review of the movie My American Cousin; an explanation of why manhole covers are round; an interview of 18-year-old unicyclist and juggler David Aiken; and an interview with figure skater Elizabeth Manley.

Oct 12, 1986 (Ottawa) Program featuring the following items: music videos by the groups A-Ha and Chalk Circle; a review of the movie Jumpin' Jack Flash and a taped item on actress Whoopi Goldberg; a taped item on the reason why footballs are not round; a live performance by the band Preison's Shade; a phone-in with actor Carl Marotte, the star of the CBC TV series He Shoots, He Scores.

Oct 19, 1986 (Ottawa) Program featuring the following items: person-in-the-street interviews on the question "What musical groups do you like?"; a music video by the group Berlin; a French-language interview with artist Georges Petrovic; a taped interview with rock star Doug Bennett; music videos by Doug Bennett, Robert Palmer and Zappacosta; reviews of the movies Top Gun and The Color of Money; a performance by the rap group called The Hosers, from Canterbury High School; an interview with radio disc-jockey Mark Eliott; and an explanation of why people forget things.

Nov 16, 1986 (Toronto) Dale Martindale, from the rock group Images in Vogue, and Robert Quartly of the motion picture company Champagne Pictures are the guests.

Dec 7, 1986 - (Toronto) This week's guests include Dale Martindale of Images in Vogue, Gordon Deppe and Sandy Horn of the Spoons, and comic-book illustrator Ken Steacy.

Feb 1, 1987 (Toronto) Daniel Ross of Motor Trend magazine looks at a Ferrari. Also: Mark Gaines and Martha Johnson of M Plus M.

Feb 8, 1987 (Toronto) Louis Del Grande, stuntwoman Alison Reid and Quebec singer Veronique Beliveau.

Feb 15, 1987 (Toronto) "Switchback on Ice," from Ryerson Rink, with the Fllntstones and ice dance champions Ron McCall and Tracy Wilson.

Mar 1, 1987 (Toronto) Alice Cooper, Vital Signs and Bruno Gerussi. Also: Toby Styles from the Metro Zoo with an animal friend.

Mar 8, 1987 (Toronto) Rock journalist Perry Stern, feminist singer Molly Johnson and Beatlemania collector Annette Lawrence.

Apr 12, 1987 (Toronto) Howard Busgang and Dale Martindale welcome Frozen Ghost and Marty Putz.

Apr 26, 1987 (Toronto) Rock journalist Jonathon Gross.

Jan 31, 1988 (Toronto) Scheduled: Melissa Gilles, Miss Canada 1987, and skier Ken Reid

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