Summer '75/'76/'77 (Series) (1975-1977)

For the summer of 1975, the CBC replaced its noon hour talk show, Luncheon Date, with Summer of '75 in honour of International Women's Year. Jayne Eastwood, Lucille Toth, Joan Sutton, Bobbi Sherron, and Merle Shain, each hosted the show for one week. In addition, the show invited another guest host for one show each week.

The next year, for Summer of '76, Jayne Eastwood returned to alternate with Marilyn Peppiatt as the show's host.

For Summer of '77, the first half of the season was filled with a Toronto-produced show hosted by Valerie Elia and Guido Basso, with music by the Jimmy Dale Quartet. In August, a Vancouver production took over. Subtitled Fred and Friends, it was named after host Fred Latremouille, and was produced at different locations around the city, such as the Bayshore Inn, the Aquarium in Stanley Park, and the Pacific National Exhibition.

Jayne Eastwood....Host (Summer of '75/'76)
Lucille Toth....Host (Summer of '75)
Joan Sutton....Host (Summer of '75)
Bobbi Sherron....Host (Summer of '75)
Merle Shain....Host (Summer of '75)
Marilyn Peppiatt....Host (Summer of '76)
Valerie Elia....Host (Summer of '77)
Guido Basso....Host (Summer of '77)
Fred Latremouille....Host (Summer of '77)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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