Suicide Murders, The (TV Movie) (1985)

This run-of-the-mill murder mystery in small city Ontario during winter has Benny Cooperman as an endearing and awkward Jewish private eye, who also provides some witty voice-overs. A patrician lady comes to his office because she feels her husband, whom she does not love yet is fond of, might be cheating on her. When the hubby turns up dead in his office, it is classed as a suicide. Benny follows the trail as the deaths begin to mount, and of course encounters some problems with the local police.

Saul Rubinek....Benny Cooperman
Kate Trotter....Myrna Yates
Sharry Flett....Hilda Blake
Chuck Shamata....Pete Staziak
Ken Pogue....Joe Harrow
Tanja Jacobs....Martha Tracy
Michael Hogan....Bill Ward
Richard Donat....Vern Harrington
Peter Jobin....Dr. Zekerman
Helen Hughes....Sophie Cooperman
Israel Rubinek....Manny Cooperman
Gerard Parkes....Frank Bushmill
Maury Chaykin....Sid
Hugh Webster....Glassock
Charles Jolliffe....Mr. MacLeish
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