Struggle for Democracy, The (Miniseries) (1989)

Aka: Démocraties (French title)

World renowned journalist Patrick Watson hosted The Struggle for Democracy — a brilliant 10-part series airing on CBC. Watson travelled the world in search of the sources, faces of and conditions necessary for democracy. Asking the questions no one else would ask, Watson brought us some startling revelations — facts about the political system we hold so dear.

It was the first documentary series ever to appear simultaneously in French and English on the CBC's two main networks with the same host.

Patrick Watson....Host
Robert-Guy Scully....Co-host (French version)
Lord Elwyn-Jones
Sir Moses Finley
Bobby Garroway
Lord Tony Gifford
Jack Greenberg
Arno Hamburger
Ronald St. John MacDonald
Michael O'Dwyer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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