Episode Guide - Street Legal (Series) (1987-1994)

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Street Legal
Nov 4, 1987 - Carrie goes out of her way to save the lives of her client's family; Leon realizes that Rollie is illiterate.

Dec 16, 1987 - "I'll Be Home For Christmas." Leon represents a comic in his divorce case; Chuck's client sues her plastic surgeon

Jan 20, 1989 - Chuck and Olivia take on a case together; Carrie defends a man charged with selling obscene art films; Leon ends up in jail.

Feb 16, 1990 - Chuck represents an Italian businessman against a newspaper which claims he's involved with organized crime; Carrie defends a seemingly harmless arsonist.

Mar 2, 1990 - Carrie and Leon support Chuck in his emotionally charged custody battle with Lisa

Mar 16, 1990 - Near bankruptcy, Carrie, Chuck and Leon must decide whether to merge with a huge law firm or make Olivia a full partner.

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