Street Cents (Series) (1989- 2006)

Street Cents
In this series, the teen hosts of the show explore consumer issues concerning teens in the form of product tests, answering viewer consumer questions, showcasing teen entrepreneurs and environmental initiatives, examining advertising claims and identifying rip offs. Interspersed in each episode are comedy sketches that help illustrate consumer issues whether it be countering the schemes of the unscrupulous Buyco exec, Ken Pompadour or the misadventures of the hosts themselves.

Anna Dirksen....Host
Michael Scholar Jr.....(1999-2000)
Demore Barnes....Host
Andrew Bush....Host
Jonathan Torrens....Host (1989-1996)
Matt Austin
Jamie Bradley .... Host (1989-1994); Buy-Co Boss (1989,91,93)
Rachael Clark....Co-Host (1995-96)
Kim D'Eon....Host (1998-2003)
Benita Ha.... Host (1989-?)
Brian Heighton....Ken Pompadour (1989-97)
Darryl Kyte....Host (2001-)
Tania Rudolph
Cindy Sampson
Nick Smith
Connie Walker....Host (2000-)
Allie Dixon....Host (2003- )
Gelareh Darabi....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user Ringleader, November 4, 2010
When i was much younger,used to look forward to the reviews of Electronic products and music....enjoyed the hosts

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