Straight Up (Series) (1996-1997)

Straight Up
Straight Up was a gritty, realistic series about today’s urban teens. Sarah Polley stars as the Goth girl, Lily, along side Merwin Mondesir and Mark Taylor in 13 half-hour episodes inspired by real-life experiences of today’s teens. Each story is told in a quick-cut documentary style, underscored by hip-hop beats, rave sounds and urban instrumentals.

Evelyn Anders....Claire
Mona Atwell....Simone
Michael Brown
Robin Brûlé
Tomas Chovanec
Marc Cohen....Murray
Tamara Gorski....Corey
Suzanne Hatim....Sondra
Michael Hong
Noam T.C.S. Lior....Ed "the studious grunge"
Shawn Mathieson
Merwin Mondesir....Dennis
Justin Peroff....Rory
Sarah Polley....Lily
Mews Small
Mark Taylor
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