Story Time (Series) (1976-1985)

Aka: Storytime

Story Time began as a local children’s series on CFRN-TV in Edmonton. The program was rewritten and reworked and aired on the entire CTV network beginning in 1981. It was the first Edmonton-produced children's show to be broadcast nationally. The new version of the series starred 6-year-old Pamela and her friends, Jinxo the magician and Johnabee his assistant, all puppets and the creations of Ken Bishop and his assistant Grant Cochran of the "Kenuppets Puppet Troupe." Pamela lived in a playhouse, with Jinxo and Johnabee living in her attic. Pamela would look into her scrapbook, and it would come to life with music and song. The show featured human guests as well, and other Kenuppets were featured in music video segments each week and ongoing stories throughout the series. A new puppet character, Kenny Grant, entered the show for the last 2 seasons. Since Kenny was a reporter, segments were shot in helicopters, fire trucks, in the animal cages with the trainer at the zoo, at West Edmonton Mall, police car, etc.

The Kenuppets are now known as Friends Forever Puppets.

Bob Welford .... Executive Producer
Fred Vos .... Producer
Al Holownia .... Producer
David Oberg ..... Director
Terry Bartley ..... Director

Dave Spalding .... Host (Brandywine)
Andrea Spalding .... Host (Brandywine)
Anne Anderson .... Host
Ester Hudson .... Host
Ma Fletcher .... Co-host
Norm Foote .... Co-host
Michael Mitchell .... Co-host
Ken Bishop .... Puppeteer/writer
Grant Cochran .... Puppeteer
Michael Bishop .... Puppeteer

Original Broadcaster(s): CFRN, CTV

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Friends Forever Puppets

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